My possessive colour (KRPKAB) dev & sona ff (Part 5)

After 4 days of party :-
The stick hit the ball . Slowly and smoothly ball fall inside the whole . A gleam of light appears on black pair of eyes . Dev shouted with his hands raised . “Who is the man ” . Tina who just barged in his cabin halted and replied at once without blinking . “Sir you are the man ” . She tried to smile but soon the lines appeared on her forehead seeing his clenched fist . “Yeah right and iam the man in this fight ” a smile appeared on his red curvy lips . Dev left his cabin leaving Tina startled behind . The footsteps halted and he spoked without turning
“Postpone all my meetings …I have some work left to be completed ” . Tina nodded even though he had his back towards him . Ria who heard him remain quiet sensing his anger .

Sonakshi was at her home . She was on the leave for two for days . Her eyes were wet . Tears were still trickling down on her cheeks . After the confession of karan in the party .,dev didn’t talked her for next two days . Her heart pierced more remembering his level of ignorance . Dev she muttered . She took her pillow and hugged it tightly . Outside the water had started pouring from clouds . In a minute streets were empty and water started collecting in pits .It was now raining heavily . Her phone buzzed flashing a green light . She unlocked it and her eyes widened to have a clear view of the screen .She quickly wiped her tears to read new message more clearly . Iam waiting downstairs …come down in a minute or I will come up .- Mr obhodro . A chuckle escaped from her mouth . She laughed a painful one seeing him calling himself ‘Obhodro’ . But her mind goes numb when she heard the dreadful sound of thundering outside . She got down from her bed and rushed downstairs .

Her family all were engrossed in watching some movie . They didn’t pay attention when she almost moved on her toes and left the hall . Sonakshi halted seeing the spectacular view infront of her . Her senses blogged for a minute . Dev was sitting on his bonnet of his white car . The orange shirt got stucked to his body showing his toned abs and muscles on his biceps . But she was scared too seeing his blood shot red eyes . He sighed heavily like a bull . Her gaze met with his intense one . Sona pressed her lips and moved forward gathering some courage . “Mr dixit ..what are you doing here …and have you lost it …it’s raining so heavily …you will surely fall sick ” . She blurted out her whole anger on him . His eyes soften seeing her swollen eyes . Shit .she was crying vigoursly . He muttered . Dev hold her wrist and pulled her towards him . In a second his strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist . Her delicate arms hold his neck tightly to balance herself on her foot . The water fall from the tip of his nose on her red juicy lips . He was looking straight in her eyes trying to read her mind . Her lips parted little when he bend his torso and his warm breath fall more on her face . “Do you love him Miss Bose ” he asked and removed her wet strands from her cheeks . Sonakshi closed her eyes . Her self confidence was long gone leaving her all alone. A tear escaped from her left eye and fall on her cheeks . His felt his heart stabbed when he saw her state . In a moment his bile rose and anger made his eyes more wide . The water was still moving down his fingers when his fist got clenched . Now it was landing from end of his knuckles . His back got stiffened and in a moment his arm left her waist . Dev covered her face with his brawny palms on both side sliding his long fingers in her hair holding them tightly . “Sonakshi look at me …did he do something ….which he should not have done …did he try to harm you .” . Dev asked loudly. Sona opened her eyes and looked towards his face . Quickly she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved up on her toes to hug him tightly .

Dev stumbled back little and rested on his car . He pulled her more almost crushing her in his arms . Unknowingly his face got buried in her neck . She opened her eyes when she feel his lips on her neck . Her senses become numb again . And then reality hit her mind . “I will destroy dev if I find you near him …choice is yours sonakshi ….your love for him which will create trouble for him more …or me who can provide key for all his locks of his problems”. The words bring her senses back . She cursed herself for forgetting karan’ s words . That’s why she agreed for his proposal in the party which irked dev. Sona made her mind wipe her tears and gathering all her strength she pushed dev searching herself completely from him . Dev was startled . Sonakshi . He shouted and hold her wrist . Sonakshi jerked his hand . She retorted back in broken voice ” yes Mr dixit and karan are in love with each other .. karan is way better than anyone else …I will be happy with him ” she folded her arms and joined her palms in front of him and continued ” now you got my answer pls leave me alone the state in which I am ..stop interfering in my life …iam not your servant …and for god sake don’t come back again …iam resigning from this job ..I will not come from tomorrow ” …sona rushed towards her house and didn’t looked back at once . Dev was frozen listening her words . He moved back . He closed and grittted his teeth in anger . Dev turned back . His anger was on peak . The veins inside his arms rippled more now . He punched the bonnet of his car leaving deep dent on it . The tears was flowing from his blood shot red eyes . He sat inside his car and drove off breaking all signals on the road . He badly wanted to distract himself from her.

Precap :- Dev and Elena ..secret revealed and what exactly happened at the end of the party .

So guyz I know its short ..but do comment …silent readers your one word will be accepted too .


    • Sammy


      Thanks asmita . I read your ff rang pyaar ka …sorry won’t able to comment on it because of lack of time …actually I only read your one …update it soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. Shivani

    Fantastic!!! U know I was waiting for ur updates so eagerly …plz updates nextpart soon. Itz just awesome

  2. Shivi

    |Registered Member

    Awesome!! Dev is in a complete new shade and his possessiveness….Mindblowing…. But plz update next part soon.

  3. Naina

    Its really nice but i dont know the complete story so will u plz post the summary of previous epis from the start till here in ur next epi plz plz its a humble request

  4. Ishii

    Just loved this new shade of possessiveness of Dev. Hopefully they will unite in next one.
    Looking forward for the update.

    • Sammy


      Sorry asmita …for being a silent reader …but now I will comment and if I miss then you can scold me on my ff page ..and I will try to give recap too ..keep smiling dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Gauri

    Finally you updates…I had been waiting for this story like bad…. but all forgive as this was FANTASTIC … love you Sammy πŸ™‚

    • Sammy


      Thanks gauri di …and sorry for updating it so late πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love u a lot di reader of mmz page ..iam so happy thanks a lot di πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Shreya

    Completely spellbound..Love ur way of writing.I wish i could read ur stories’ whole day. I have become ur jabra fan.?
    Plzz update soon..atleast once in a week

    • Sammy


      Thanks shreya …for your lovely comment ..u can check out my other ffs too ..and will try to update it soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    I had been waiting since long time next time please update as far as possible
    Eagerly waiting for it

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