My possessive colour (KRPKAB) dev & sona ff (Part 4)


Dev was busy in his laptop ..but his thoughts are fully occupied by sona …he was feeling restless realising karan’s obsession for her …
He saw her coming ..his gaze shifted on her face …dev gulped ..seeing her eyes ..her lips ..but then he saw a bandaid on her forehead ..she had covered it with her …dev got tensed and quickly get up ..and stood in front of her …sonakshi lil stumbled …and about to go in kitchen ..but dev again stop her …he removed her hair ..and saw the wound …he was now angry for being so careless…but concerned too that it must be paining …

Dev asked ..”Dr Bose ..this wound ..what happened extacly …..”
Before sonakshi could say anything ..her phone buzzed …she got tensed seeing the number …
She tried to give a fake smile …dev who was reading her expressions …understood her condition ….he quickly took the phone and asked sona to bring water for him…sona was startled first ..but then agreed seeing his stare on her ….
“Hello Mr gujral ….is everything okay …”dev asked throwing a sarcastic smile …..
“Mr Devarth dixit …I think you should stop being a babysitter of sonakshi ..she is quite mature and smart enough to handle her problems ….give the damn phone to her …” karan retorted angirly .. . .
“Ah ..Mr guujral Dr bose is busy in making breakfast for me know my fav cheese sandwich …after that we have that sandwich togther …as you know in my house everything is done according to sonakshi …even a leaf also move according to her instructions. …she is so comfortable in my house …that sometimes we all think she is a family member only …” dev chuckled ..
“But soon Mr dixit …she will be Mrs gujral …so you should develop a habit of calling her Mrs gujral instead of Miss bose ..”karan said confidently…..

Sona come there thinking about the dev and karan convo… suddenly dev pulled sonakshi …in his arm …go behind rested his face on her shoulder …and clicked a selfie …the picture was clicked in which dev and sona were staring each other so close ….he sent that selfie to karan with a tag ….”Mr Dixit ..and your Mrs gujral. ..looking cute right …;”.
Karan was shocked to see that picture ..he throw that phone and screamed in anger …”sonakshi …”
Dev composes himself ..and sonakshi ..was not able to look in his eyes….
“Dev ..I mean Mr dixit …this selfiee..”sonakshi stammered and again bowed her head again…
“Nothing ..Dr bose was asking for you ..I had a meeting …” saying this dev left to avoid further emmbrassment. ….
Sona ..heads towards ishwari’s room …and saw ishwari looking at her old stuff.some toys of dev
“Aunty ji called me ..”sonakshi asked….
“Hmm nutrition ..what do you think about dev and natasha’s alliance “ishwari asked lil tensed.
“Aunty ji .Natasha ..and Mr dixit …are perfect for each other..they look good with each other .”.sona who was pained ..was really on the verge of crying …ishwari ..was still not pleased ..with the answer ..her inner turmoil was not letting her to accept the relation ….

Dev who just come back to take his file heard this conversation…his heart flinched …listening sona’s words…..the first thing strike in his mind ..”is miss Bose is in love with that karan ..”the grip on the pen got tightened and the pointed side dug inside his palm ..and the blood now was on pen’s eyes were blood shot ..full of tears….dev left …almost tearing the file his hand …
Sonakshi also left …and stopped near the stairs ..lost in her own world …dev also stopped near the door …and looked towards her …the tears was now on his cheeks..he was in immense pain brushed his thoughts and left….
Sonakshi eyes cannot hold the tears anymore ..she also cried …remensicing her and dev moments….
Dev who was now totally lost ..had already created rukus in the office ….ria was confused at his sudden behaviour …dev was busy in his laptop ..when Tina come ….dev ordered ..” Dr Bose ..bring that file. ..” he said while working ..
Tina coughed ..and dev looked at her confused .

” Sir name is Tina …But I think you are missing Dr Bose …” she smiled ….
Dev remembers ….his and sonakshi moments and he smiled ..but then he remembered karan and sonakshi ..hug ..their chatting ..and what he heard at his house ….dev gulped and his jaw clenched …his palm was now started bleeding again ..because of pen …his eyes were blood shot again .:.he spoked …”Tina ..I had given you job …to work ..and follow my orders ..not to interfare .. in my life ..iam your boss …not you pay attention on your work …”
Tina’s face frowned …and she apologised to dev .. dev ordered again .. “Tina …St john school is celebrating ..its grand reunion of old students .. make sure that ..the principal should contact me only as a chief guest for this function ” dev said sternly …..Tina nodded and left …..
Dev spoked to himself …”sorry Dr Bose..but today you have to bear me as your freaking partner ..”. .he smiled …rolling his pen ….

Sonakshi was wearing a red saree …and reached the party ..everyone was surprised ..she was looking outstanding ….sonakshi was late …as the chief guest had already arrived …dev was mingling with everyone .. he was wearing a black suit ..with a red tie ….he looked towards her ….dev was dumbstruck …to see her red saree .. he was mesmerised to see her dressed so soberly ….he then saw karan approaching towards her ….sona smiled seeing karan ….dev was now hell angry now ..his muscles stiffened ..seeing her attention ..towards the karan .. the new feeling jealously was now on the peak …dev excused himself ..quickly ..took long steps .. and wrapped his arms ..around sonakshi …and pulled her on the dance floor …where other couples are also dancing …. sonakshi was shocked to see him.

Karan drinked the wine in his glass in one gulp ….dev pulled her more closer ..and was swinging with her ….
“Mr dixit here .. “sonakshi asked totally confused … dev replied coldly .. “I think miss bose you are not happy to see me here rit ..oh I got it may be I just come in between you and karan …” .dev pulled her more closer …and now they both stopped looking into each other’s eyes….dev’s breath was falling on sona …and she closed her eyes feeling nervous .. karan was getting mad …he asked the song to change the song …ladki beautiful kar gay I chill .filled the environment . With thrill ….couples parted and girls started dancing with him …karan approached towards sonakshi …and pulled her with him ..he started dancing with her …dev clenched both of his fist.. sonakshi was lil uncomfortable …but then she remember elena’s words to ignore dev to gain his attention …so sonakshi ..started dancing with karan .. ..people around them was started enjoying to the fullest who was irked …smirked .. joined them the girls was dev …sonakshi ..was now jealous ….her plan backfired. ….she fumed and stomped her feet and left …..the floor ..she was about to cry ..when she felt someone’s arms around her .. “karan .I will not dance ..” sonakshi blurted out .. but then she saw …the arms were of dev …and his grip got tightened …he come back to dance floor ….he started singing a song for her ……and started swinging with her …turning her around …lifting her up ….

Itni mohabbat karo main ..main doob na jayo kahi …wapas kinare pe ana main bhool na jayo kahi ..dekha jab se chehra tera ..main toh hafto se soya nahi ..bowl do na Zara..dil me Jo hai chippa ..main kisi kahunga nahi ..main kahunga nahi ..
Sonakshi was lost in his proximity …everyone’s eyes glued to them …and they were lost in each other ….sonakshi was feeling immense warmness in his arms .. and dev was on the verge of losing his controls …they both were just flowing with the moment ….dev was moving his fingers on her cheeks ..and sonakshi closed her eyes… he ended the song ..and they detached from each other . .sonakshi who was now blushing and nervous mingled with the guests.. but still both were staring each other from the corner of their eyes……..
Karan who was completely drunk .. dragged sonakshi in the middle and made a announcement ………..

Preacp …sonakshi .and karan …marriage plans ‘s madness ..

So guy here is the update pls do comment ….

Credit to: Sammy

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  3. are these real episode stories or just fiction? I mean will this happen actually in the serial?

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  4. I am extremely sorry guy thodi mistake hai karan asked DJ to change the song and dev danced with girls ..

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