My possessive colour (KRPKAB) dev & sona ff (Part 1)

“Leave me !!! Get ur hands off me ……Dev …its hurting me leave me …..” sonakshi asked dev sternly .
” Hurting …..Dr bose ….don’t u dare talk about that ….yeah it is also hurting to see u with that playboy karan gujral … saying this dev tighten the grip on sona’s hand.
She was struggling to move out from dev’s arms…..trying to free her waist and her hand ….Dev was looking her with full anger seeing her struggle .
“Dr bose its only a month passed since u have met with the accident stop behaving like a kid .. and drop your attempt …..saying this he pulled her more closer.
Just then sonakshi ‘s phone vibrated…..
‘Karan gujral’ flashed on the screen .
Sonakshi looked towards dev totally scared.
Dev tighten the grip on sonakshi’s waist and lean on the wall backwards by supporting himself on the foot he kept on the wall.
Sonakshi because of his hold bent over him.
The phone waa still vibrating.
“Mr dixit…….”.sonakshi stammered.
Dev whose was now hell angry …..pulled sonakshi more closer only an inch gap between them…..
“Dr bose ..:..tell me did he touched the way ….that he would have never…..dammit sona answer me” said dev moving his fingers in her hair…..
Sonakshi was now scared …..totally numb….. she was already nervous on such proximity….. she didn’t spoke a word and pushed dev.
Just then she was pulled again with a force and crashed on dev’s body.
They both fall on bed.
Dev quickly get on top of sonakshi….
“Answer my question ….dr bose…..did he touched u……” dev spoked bending his down …in sonakshi’s neck.
“Why don’t u go and spend with Natasha….leave me alone… dixit” she said harshly.
“So that ….u can f**k that ..karan” dev said sternly.
“Mr …dixit get off me …leave me “.she pleaded.
Dev who was losing seeing sona’s struggle and her scent ….kissed on her neck ..
Sonakshi frozen on sensing the lips….the hand present on dev’s shoulder got tightened and she closed her eyes.
Just then phone again vibrate ..both gain conciousness…..and sonakshi pushed dev ..took her phone and run away.
Dev got angered more…
So guyz do comment plzz.

Credit to: Ashita


  1. Asmita...

    It is 1st episode no…Superb… completly new shade… angry young man… I cam connect with this so easily… it seems like all the scenes are going on in front of me… just too good… atleast plz give precape…

    • sammy or ashita

      Ya tanya it is my first ff on krpkab …check out my other ffs too
      The lost series by sammy

    • sammy or ashita

      Tanya I don’t know how to send links….but ya I can tell u the name
      1) My lost patience
      2) My lost story
      3) the dead patient
      4) the stolen world

  2. Gauri

    Sammy I am falling for you 🙂 ek ke baad ek you are giving killer updates….loads of love

  3. Nishi

    Di it’s very nice but I would like to request you to be careful of your language use in your ff like when you said
    Dev:so that you can go *bad word* Karan..
    I am saying to stop using this kind of vulgarities because there are many small kids like me in the age span only btw 6-9 and I’m sure you don’t want them learning this kind of language.i hope you understand and I’m sorry if I hurt you❤️

    • sammy or ashita

      Will try my best to not to use…but nishi …some words are use to describe the intensity of situation…I think if u are between 6-9 then it is too early …for ur age to be on this site. …many ffs write love making scenes clearly and consummation and kiss scene…. but still iam not offending.. .but will keep ur advice for the future.. love u a lot …….

  4. Vaishu

    Sammy its brilliant… I love to see Dev instead of sona being jealous ❤…Love ur track… Kindly update the next episode soon…. ?

  5. Why dev’s character towards sona is like that it is something which is awkward to read don’t do that
    Sorry if it hurts u

    • sammy

      Well sweatha it is a possessive side of dev..and I think ..if u have seen in the serial too where dev desperately want sons not to marry kushal..and in that case he even tried to prove kushal that he is important for sona than him…as that time he was not even in love with sona may be in future he will be possessive……not that much but yeah lil become possessive like this only..:-)
      But no my ff everyone is allowed to bash and appreciate it…..I will never feel bad:-) 🙂 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.