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Standing there dumbstruck and delighted knowing the very person voice.

The exult and gladdened moment she could feel of.
Glancing towards Aarav it made her more languish not to have the exquisite and elegant exult on her face.

She knew her brother was planning some magnanimous birthday present for her, but this wasn’t on count.

The lights dimmed and the entry jettisoned the 5 new faces.
The inarticulate and sheer joy ran through her blood as a radical drug.


The Royal Reamers were the heart and soul of Indian Academy, probably the best school all over India.
It was a school of sumptuous and lavish with splendid and sublime artwork and academics.

That was magnificent and majestic high school which produce the mammoth and marvelous students.

Being mediocre wasn’t the Indian Academy values.

It had its very own meticulously fitted gym, a grandiose swimming pool, exceptional mentors, well furnished buildings, disco cum cafeteria and playground inside out.
And the lethal and lunatic bunch of loyal students to serve their Academy.
And Royal Reamers were the brick and need of Indian Academy.

They were that pungent smell which kept the rivals of Academy puzzling to the doors.

Cabir Dhawan – The Passionate Photographer

Randhir Shergil – The Kanky King (Mocking King)

Vibha Rajput – The Opulent Ogress

Swara Ross – The Elite Empress

Virat Walia – The Parody Prince

Niharika Kotwani – The Quiry Queen

Randhir’s Pov:

I’d only gone to the library to read a book recommended by a friend, but never in my wildest dreams had I thought that there’d be a blackout with a torrential downpour outside, and I’d be stranded with the prettiest girl I’d ever seen. She broke my reverie by sighing loudly. I walked up to her.

She (Sighing): “Oh no!”

(The state of alertness which darkness engenders, brought out the spontaneous guy in me.)

Me (Curious): “Are you afraid of ghosts?”
She: “What? No……I mean….. I don’t believe in such stuff!”

Me: “Me too. But, I don’t know why, whenever I am in an old, large, spooky, dark place like this and it’s raining outside, the probability of existence of ghosts seems very high.”

She: “Spooky, large, old, dark.” (She emphasized on each word)
Me (Clueless): “Huh? Yeah, that’s what I just said.”

She: “No! Your order of adjectives was wrong.”
Me (Digesting slowly): “Order… of…. adjectives. Hmm. Is that what this place does to you?”

(She chuckled)

She: “Hi! I am Swara.”
Me: “Swara. The noun or the verb?”

(She chortled again)

She: “Look, my parents were not that grammar conscious!”
Me: “And look how you turned out!”

(We both laughed)

Me: “I am Randhir.”

(The librarian brought a candle. By the look on his face, he seemed as freaked out as me; watching two people talk in complete darkness. As compared to ghosts, crazy people were very much real!)

Me: “Well, I have heard about candlelight dinners, candlelight reading sessions are new to me.”

She: “Don’t get any ideas, mister.”
Me: “But I thought people came to libraries for ideas, for enlightenment!”

She: “Funny of you to say ‘enlightenment’ during a blackout.”
Me: “Hey! Let’s not undermine the efforts of the candle. These babies have been very useful to people, you know; to help them bond, have romantic conversations.”

She(mischievously): “Are you flirting with me?”
Me: “Yeah. Rule No.1 of Professional Flirting:When you want to flirt with a girl, praise a candle instead!”

(She giggled)

She: “What are you reading?”
Me: “Your eyes! The most beautiful pair I have ever seen. Now, I can see the flickering of the flame in them. Those glittering pearls have the power to make time stand still!”

She(overwhelmed): “Wow! That is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me. Now you are definitely flirting with me!”
Me: “Well. I took the last line from the Sci-Fi book I am reading.”

(She laughed really hard)

She: “You plagiarist!”
Me: “Hey! I just gave credit to the source!”

She: “But you used it to try to impress me before mentioning that!”
Me: “So you are impressed by me now?”

She: “Didn’t you hear the word ‘try’ ?”
Me: “Okay, let’s see, I am in this candle lit room alone, with a beautiful, intelligent girl who has a good sense of humor and it is raining outside. You can’t blame me for trying. I am not a wuss!”

She: “So what are you?”
Me: “I am not a self pompous person either. People are free to judge.”

She: “Good. I like modest people. Especially if they are smart and funny.”
Me: “Were those compliments in disguise?”

She: “Why do you need to convert my generalizations to attributions ?”
Me: “Don’t know. Why do you like to play games?”

(She giggled again and made a deep eye contact.)

She : “I don’t remember when I laughed so much in a long time.”
Me: “Well, I hope you shall remember this time.”

(The power was back. The rain had also significantly receded.)

She:”Okay. Time to go.”

(We prepared to leave. I went to the shelf to collect my bag.)

She: “Hey! You dropped your bookmark here.”
Me: “You better keep it, it will be the proof of our meeting”

The incident just seemed a talk of yesterday so fresh and remarkable that I remembered each and every part of our conversation how I missed her all these days.

She was standing far from me yet her lavender and jasmine scent transfixed me, her laughter hypnotized me, her beauty mesmerized me, and i knew very well the whole of her spellbound me.

She turned just to greet us with her breathtaking smile.
I just wonder how many adjectives I really used for her, least did she knew of that.

Randhir’s Pov Ends.

Avinash and Piyali made there way after the cake cutting ceremony, least did they knew there lives gonna change in moments.

“Mom its my birthday at least be with me for today leaving your patients” Swara sounded dejected after all she wanted to enjoy the party with her family.
“Sweetie you know right how much its important I promise I will make up to you and please enjoy the party okay”, Piyali assured her and left the party with Avinash and Aarav accompanied they till the gate.

Vibha and Virat were in their own world, Cabir busy and flirting around and Niharika stood just inches gap from the bar corner.
Approaching there towards her, she suddenly feeling someone’s presence moved around just to be smashed by the broad chest of her man. And there stood Aarav Ross, fiddling hands inside his cargo and raising his eyebrows.

“So missed me Doe”, Aarav voiced playful.
” Not at all, why don’t you go to your sister indeed huh!!” Chucking on her comment he ignored it and gripped her by her tiny waist and pushed her to the nearest room.
“I missed you so much Niharika Kotwani, and I did love if you allow me to kiss you” and before getting her reply he smashed his lips on hers.

Party Hall:
Randhir approached her
“So the Birthday Girl’s here I did knew before, such a bore you are” he sounded irritated by her lack of interest in her birthday party.

“Let’s dance what’s say” Randhir approached her hopefully.
“Randy I m not in a mood” Swara said gulping down 2 vodka shots.
“I challenge you…”, his voice seemed blurred to her when he found her approaching a hunky man standing in a black suit.

“Sanskar right!! Will you dance with me” she said in a inebriated state.
Smirking he held her tight and chuckled at their state.
“Sure the birthday girl shouldn’t be offended right” he said smiling winningly at his luck.

As the sensual no. turned on, her heart accelerated. Centre-stage, she stood with her back arched and her hands stretched to the sky, as if in submission. The lights on the stage turned bright and the rhythm started to pulse into her. Her foot tapped to the steady beat. Back and forth, she swayed as the beat picked up pace.
He swiftly rose just to catch her hands, and her eyes scanned the mass of onlookers.




He moved his left foot backward in a smooth motion, sliding across the slick floor. She slid her right foot forward, chasing his retreating foot with hers, like a fox on the hunt.
Dipping forward and looking into her eyes, his fingers tightened on her ribs as his left foot came forward again, surprising her foot and chasing it back. They stopped, toe to toe, and he pulled her hips in close to his.

Her arms leave her body as the music grows louder. Her eyes are drunk on fire and his lips kiss the threshold of liberty as she dances her inhibitions away with him.

Noting each off her step he gazed her brown orbs.
Her fingers click to the right and click to the left. His elbows gracefully tear through the air, in perfect rhyme with her feet and his with hers, which trace a curve that no menace can surpass. She is for herself today. Her feet now hit the floor and his eyes burned under her skin looking and scanning each and every step she did, in a boisterous cry for all that was denied.

As one arm is outstretched, her waist jerks outward vivaciously. It seems to reject all the silent judgement that the world offered to her all this while. His other arm follows suit with yet another jerk of her slim waist. There is nothing that can calm his tempestuous gale, she looked ravishing.
Her feet explore her arena as she slides across with poise.
She stops at the end of the platform. He gazed at him for a brief while, the mass of onlookers stunned to see the sensual dance no.




The cadence was coursing through her veins extinguishing every trace of the unwanted blood that contaminated her insides, she forbid to notice his lustful gaze on hers.

Such a naive she was??




Threatening to brush his lips against hers, he looked to the left, and then to the right. She mimicked him, turning her head opposite. To the right, then to the left.
He pushed her away as though she were too terrible, yet to wonderful, to be near, yet he held on to her left hand with his right, catching her as their arms pulled taut and spinning her out and away.

That’s all right, though, he thought. Her eyes close as he lifted her feet off the ground and dives head first onto the stage, as a mermaid would tear the water surface. His hands gently caress her for only a moment, as he came back, having rotated a full circle.

Back on her feet now, she jiggles and shimmies. She electrifies the air with her rage and a hundred thousand fireflies ignite the atmosphere. She bursts into flames with every bob of her head, every jiggle of her shoulders, with every gyration of her hips. She sparkles on the stage tonight.

Now, as she gyrates on the stage and spins around in fanatic circles, every jerk of her waist, every flick of her hair, every beat of her feet, ever shrug of her shoulder beckons to the world.

Reeling her back in with his, unable to give her up.
She fell into him, his strong arms wrapping her tight, protecting her before casting her out again.

The second they started moving, most of his jitters melted in the joint swells of music and pleasure. She felt right in his arms, and he caught in hers, the steps flowing between them like sighs slipping against a silk pillow. His breaths, short and trembling, brushed her hair, and he saw the laughter glitter in her eyes.

“Tell me I didn’t do you a favour tonight,” she whispered in his ear.
Despite himself, he flashed her a rueful smile.
“You wait until I see you beneath me…”
He paused, and her breath accelerated.
“..in the Economics classroom right if you didn’t match up to my expectations” and that line made her confused.


She crawled forward, until she lean even farther across him. Until she could reach the drawer and slide it open. Until she was straddling his chest instead of his hips. Until that white flash of satin was right there, nearly in his face.

He couldn’t not do it. He couldn’t possibly resist. He shifted down and kissed her, breathing in the sweet muskiness of her perfume.

Her thighs tightened around his face and she gasped. But she didn’t pull back. And that was all the invitation he needed.

He reached up and tore her panties free, and then, oh yes, hr was in heaven.
The sound she made were incredible, laughter mixed with pure, desperate pleasure. She wasn’t at all shy about letting him know how much she liked how much she liked what he was doing.

“This isn’t fair!”

He didn’t bother to answer Herr. Sher had absolutely no idea how incredibly, wonderfully fair this was for him. It was stupendously fair. Amazing fair. Deliciously fair. He held her tightly, so that unless she really tried, she couldn’t get away.

She didn’t really try.

Her breath came faster and the sounds she made were more frantic, until she gasped, “Aarav please, I want to come with you inside me”

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