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2years ago…..

The day of his fifth wedding
anniversary, Sanskar Singh Rathore returns home to find that his wife Shalmali Kholgade Rathore is missing.

Her disappearance receives heavy press coverage, as Shalmali was the inspiration for her Parents successful Bussiness.

Detective Arjun Walia does a walkthrough of their house and finds poorly concealed evidence of a struggle.

The police had conducted a forensic analysis and uncover the remnants of cleaned blood stains, leading to the conclusion that Shalmali was murdered.

Suspicions arise that Sanskar was responsible, and his apathetic behavior was interpreted by the media as characteristic of a sociopath.

Their past revealed that Sanskar and Shalmali’s marriage had disintegrated; both lost their jobs in the recession and moved from Kolkata to Sanskar’s hometown Delhi. Sanskar had become lazy, distant, uninterested and unfaithful. Arjun unearths evidence of financial troubles and domestic disputes, and a witness states that Shalmali wanted to purchase a gun. He also finds a medical report indicating that Shalmali was pregnant, of which Sanskar denies knowledge, and a diary supposedly written by Sanskar highlighting her growing isolation, ominously ending with the fear that Sanskar will kill her.

Sanskar having his family bussiness always preferred being a Professer n was a incredible one where as Shalmali was really emulous n ardent one.

Belonging to rich families both had a authentic marriage.

Prof.Sanskar wasn’t just a name he was the mammoth of “The Delhi University”.

Swara being a novice n tyro in the new alien world Mathematic, was eliciting the subject repeatedly.

It was her birthday yet it was her cagey cherishing dream to become an accountant or a business endorse.

She was the Elite Empress of her previous school.

Thinking of which she still is n will be…

Her dearest frnds her group..

She belonged to the group “Royal Resplendent” or basically known as the “RRs”.

God damn she already missed them already.

It was just 5:30 in the evening n she was going all dazzle up by the amenability of this dear brother.

Damn he was the most magnificent prodigy her parents could have gave birth to.

Aarav Ross wasn’t a nobody he was the talk of the town n his ruinous looks n aura made his accountability sane.

It wasn’t atrocious for the opposite s*x to drool over him, she still remember how skimpy her brother used to be in his childhood n now he was the grandiose colossal.

The very thought of his lunatic ideas strike her off guard.
Gosh it was her night after all.
N her sprightly n vivacious form took over.

Her brother had just kept the theme of the party “Last Day On The Earth”.

N she preferably knew was how she is gonna marvel all the D-town boys…

N today many were parsimoniously n monstrously gonna murdered by Swara Ross’s lethal looks.

Darya Ganj,New Delhi

4577/13, Rathore Villa.

Sanskar stood infront of the mirror he wasn’t looking a workaholic he seemed sane n virile in his 3piece suit.

It wasn’t just a SUIT it was his grandfather’s personal collection Sabyasachi Suit,it fit his meticulously.

His untoward smile n smirk met just on the surface of his lips n he was paltry foster.

Sliding his lucid door n moving towards the swimming arena his heterodox ideas dangled to oust.

“Sir the car is ready” he turned just to see Karun Chandhok his Personal Secretary standing holding his drink.

“U never forget ur duties n that’s wat i like abt u n thanks fr the drink” saying so he moved towards his way out to the car.

“Today’s eve is indeed going to be one salient one Swara Ross n its Sanskar Singh Rathore’s words”


Ross Marg

There stood the peerless Aarav Ross n the Authoritative Couple Mr.Avinash Ross n Dr.Piyali Avinash Ross.

And then entered Shradha Singh Bundela the one only detested women in the Bussiness World.

She wasn’t a lady of honours she had this nullify around her.
She was the 1st wife of Mr.Avinash Ross n was the Godmother of the forwear empire of Bundela’s.

N there stood Veer Singh Bundela n Ragini Singh Bundela.

{Author’s Note :
Guys this r the much needed information of the story…
*Aarav Ross -Biological child of Avinash Ross n Shradha Singh Bundela

*Veer Singh Bundela – Biological child of Balvendar Singh Bundela n Shradha Singh Bundela

*Ragini Singh Bundela – Biological child of Balvendar Singh Bundela n Shradha Singh Bundela

*Swara Ross – Biological child of Avinash Ross n Piyali Ross

So guys let me clear out that Shradha had an affair with Mr.Bundela after giving birth to Aarav n after 3 years of marraige with Avinash Ross.
Avinash getting abt the unwarranted relationship broke up his marriage n was married to Piyali who was the Doctor of Aarav n after 5 years Swara was born.
So Veer is an illegitimate child.)


Sanskar:(calmly) Sure i will definitely come n if u excuse me i will take ur leave i have a class..

Aarav: sure sir n thanks

Sanskar walked towards the door n pulled the door when Swara gasped n Aarav gritted his teeth.

There stood the devil in disguise Veer Singh Bundela.

He was a year junior to Aarav n was in the Business Management session only.

The town knew the tale of Ross n Bundela’s it wasn’t a abdicate.

#Flashback ends..

Ignoring the site Aarav Ross joyfully went to his Sole mother Dr.Piyali Ross who was showing her gratify towards her son.

“Will the lovely lady do the pleasure to wreck the dance floor”Aarav said to his mother.

“Aarav” Piyali rose her hands just to smack her mischievous son.

“Plz do the grace Mrs.Ross”
Avinash hitted his wife his soulmate paltring the onlookers.

“Ahh without the junior Piyali Ross haan”Swara desended the stairs just to gather the stares of the vivid macho mans around the party hall.

“Ohh happy birthday dear look at her Avi she looks so pretty”Piyali muttered seeing her.

“Gosh Doll u n in this look m i dreaming”Aarav spoke in utter shock stage.

N there stood Swara Ross in a magenta orange simple saree with silver border..

Just then Sanskar did his grace towards the lady…

“Attention guys the RR’s r here”

Hi guys here r the cast..

Swara Ross- Helly Shah

*Professor.Sanskar Singh Rathore- Varun Kapoor

*Karun Chandhok-Kunal Jai Singh

*Vinita Nagia-Adha Khan

*Aarav Ross-Parth Samthan

*Maira Sheikh-Sara Khan

*Mr.Avinash Ross- Sachin Tyagi

*Dr.Piyali Avinash Ross- Parineeta Borthakur

*Shradha Singh Bundela – ur choice

*Ragini Singh Bundela – Tejaswini

*Veer Singh Bundela – Zain Imam

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