Possesive…. OS… KkB

I am sorry for being so possessive but this is one mistake that I will always be proud of, simply because I love you lots. At the same time, I will calm down and avoid overreacting to silly situations..Tanu!

No Abhi no, it’s enough like everytime you promise me that you won’t be possessive but not this time!

Tanu listen to me See This time I m seriously saying sorry for being so much possessive! It’s just that I love you!

Abhi listen to me, You are Caring, you are possessive, you are a good human too, but I m a model, i don’t want any boundaries in my life and Your possessiveness is a boundary for me, every day u are asking where am I,? Who is the boy? Like why? I m a model, i love to hangout with my friends but you are too much possessive!

Okay i would overcome my possessiveness tanu, but you said na there would be no breakup factor in our life then? It’s been 1 year to our relationship!

See Abhi, I know right! You are a good person, but i can’t live with you sorry, Abhi i m breaking up! Saying this Tanu left from cafe (cafe is in open garden and it’s night time) ,Abhi was left in tears soon he heard someone’s talk that grabbed his attention, let’s hear what he is listening to?

I am sorry for being so possessive but this is one mistake that I will always be proud of, simply because I love you lots. At the same time, I will calm down and avoid overreacting to silly situations… (ahh same words like abhi)

No pragya, everytime you are saying like this and i hate it!

But nikhil it’s been 5 months to our relationship and you said you won’t break up, I love you,

But pragya i hate your possessiveness nature! Hearing this Abhi smiled a little at his fate…

Okay i would try to overcome it but please don’t leave me….

No pragya, you are a caring, a possesive girl, but sorry i can’t live with you i m breaking up! Saying this nikhil left, and pragya had tears in her eyes! Aftee 2 or 3 mins, Abhi stood from his chair and went to pragya’s table, pragya waa crying bitterly, So abhi offered her handkerchief…

I don’t need your sympathy who so ever you are! Saying this again pragya started to cry, abhi too had tears in his eyes as tanu too left him for same reason! Abhi was lost in his thoughts…

Sorry! I didn’t meant to talk like that, but i m upset that’s why! Said pragya, abhi came out of his thoughts he wiped his tears and offered handkerchief to pragya, pragya took it and wiped her tears… There was a moment of silence! Pragya broke it and said..

I m seriously sorry, i didn’t meant to talk with you so much loudly!

Ah han doesn’t matters, i know too how it feels when someone whom you loved leaves you for your nature! Said abhi

So you listened to our talks? Asked pragya
Yes! I m sorry but…. Said abhi
Pragya smiles a little and says Abhi the Rok-Star?
Abhi nods! And you lady bheem, pragya arora who fought with my guards for my autograph and threatened me with knife to give autograph or else you would kill me!

Pragya laughs, and says Sorry! It was my sister’s birthday so…
Abhi laughs and says cool idea it was a different way of getting autograph…
Pragya laughs and again becomes sad!
Okay sorry pragaa, actually without your permission i sat here! Said abhi
Pragya laughs again and says it’s not pragaa, it’s pragya!
Oh I know right! Just wanted to make you laugh! Said abhi with a smile but he becomes sad again

Pragya this time cried, abhi get’s panicked he said Miss pragya please don’t cry see i m going through same situation but this doesn’t means that we should waste our tears on those persons who are not worthy of it!

Pragya while sobbing says I loved him truly, bcoz of my possessive nature he left me, i loved nikhil! Fault is mine i should have changed my this nature!

I don’t think so! Be yourself why should you change yourself for other person, tanu also left me bcoz of my possessive nature, i promised her that i would try to overcome this nature but even then she left me! Now i know that my caring nature is really good enough, i m possessive and nothing’s wrong in it! It’s love so possessiveness is there i think, tanu didn’t left me bcoz i was possessive but she left me bcoz she never loved me, love means forever to be gather, not to breakup after 1 year relationship! And i m sure that nikhil also left you bcoz he never loved you, so why should we waste our tears on the person who are not worthy of it! We should not change ourselves, We should be Overself, You should be yourself, for a stupid reason! Why should we change Overself? Okay we are possessive bcoz we care! We are caring bcoz we love! Bcoz of love we arr possessive and nothing’s wrong in it!

Pragya carefully was listening to what abhi said she was all lost in Abhi’s words.

Abhi said sorry i don’t know you personally but i said it bcoz i just went through same condition a hour ago!

Pragya just forwaded her hand and said will you be My FRIEND?

Abhi was stunned and with a bright smile he forwaded his hand and said forever!

Pragya said you are absolutely right! Why should i change my self, my nature for the one who never loved me! Thanks MR Abhi i thought my life has ended! But no my life has just started, thanks!

Abhi smiles and says you are most welcome! Well i m hungry can we order something?
Yes…. Pragya
Waiter waiter… Called Abhi
Yes Sir!
So pragya what will you eat? Asked abhi
Menu? Asked pragya
Waiter gave menu to both Abhi and pragya
At the sametime Abhigya Said Aaloo matar sabzi..
They were stunned, waiter said okay..
Hey that’s my favorite said pragya
Mine tooo! Said abhi
Haha, cool! Said pragya
But can i ask something from you abhi?
Surely… Said abhi
Tanu and you? I mean you loved her and you are so happy now?
abhi laughs and asks nikhil and you, i mean you loved nikhil then why are you so happy now?
Pragya looks confusingly and says you mean it was not love?
May be.. Said abhi
Hmm! But it’s good they left us !said pragya
Yes! Or else everytime tanu said Baby i want to go to shopping..
Pragya laughs and said Nikhil always was interested in drinking and smoking i don’t know why was I with him…
Oh same said abhi, tanu also was same don’t know why i was with her!

Pragya laughed and time passed they both were laughing at their silly jokes…
Just then pragya said It’s late, maa would be waiting i should leave abhi!
Oh yes surely! I can drop u! Said abhi
No need! But thanks! You changed my life! Said pragya..
You too! Said abhi… Pragya was about to leave ,Abhi thinks to himself oh abhi she is so cute, i should ask for her number! But how?
Pragya looked at him and said anything serious Abhi?
No, Yesss! My phone, i don’t know where it is! Abhi acts like to check in pocket just then pragya says nice trick Abhi! 09877645632, (guyz that’s imaginary number i have typed ???)….that’s my number save it!
Abhi laughs and says thanks!

Nano seconds passed, seconds passed, minutes passed, hours passed, days passed, weeks passed, months passed, 1 year passed and abhigya became more then bestfriends! Abhi realised his love for his fuggy so his fuggy also realized ,but yet no one confessed their love!

Abhi came to pragya’s home with red roses! No one was at home except pragya, so he directly went to her room but stopped outside when he heard nikhil talking to pragya!
Baby, I missed you sorry, it’s my fault i shouldn’t have left you! Saying this nikhil tightly hugged pragya, pragya was shocked just then she saw Abhi at door, abhi saw this and went from there teary eyed! Pragya broke hug and followed Abhi… She called his name… Abhiii, Abhiii, listen to me Abhiiii! Abhi was on the way and tanu came, and hugged him, pragya saw this and stopped nikhil too came there, tanu said Abhi I love you ,i m sorry, it was all my mistake please forgive me, abhi broke hug, pragya was teary eyed she was about to step back, but nikhil held her as behind here were stairs if she would have stepped she would have fell! Abhi panickedly rushed to her and said Are you mad? Pragya said Yes i am, go with your tanu she came back!
You also go with nikhil he came back na! Said abhi angrily
I won’t go! Said pragya
But why? Asked Abhi
My wish, go with your tanu! Whom you loved and who loves you! Said pragya angrily.
I won’t! Saud Abhi
Why? Asked pragya
My wish! Said abhi!
Nikhil holds pragya’s hand and says leave him pragya come with me!
Abhi looks at them with teary eyed, he turned his face..
Just then pragya slaps nikhil! How dare you? Leave my hand and why should i leave the one whom i love, who loves me no matter what I m, either possessive or crazy, he loves me, yeah never confessed his love but love is not always confessed, it is felt! And i felt his love for me! So it’s better you leave me, bcoz I love him, I love Abhi…
Abhi smiled and turned back, pragya hugged him tightly! Nikhil and tanu fumed in anger and went!
I love you Possessive Princess!
I love you possesive Prince !

The End…

So Sharoo how was it? Guyz i tried my best! Hope you will like it! Through this I just wanna say Be Yourself bcoz you are confined only to yourself, you are crazy, possessive, caring, just be yourself, bcoz that’s all you have just never change yourself for anyone!….

So leave your comments guyz! My vacation has just started and it’s so boring! So tthought to upload OS! Hope you loved it!

Take Care..
Bye…. ?????

Credit to: somiya


  1. asitkumar

    You are lingering the story.in fact be realistic not so commercial. Later on audience will not prefer to continue with your episode.

  2. shobha

    well well well awesome fabulous fantastic outstanding excellent fantabulous standing ovation what a concept seriously I loved it I mean being ocerpossasive is also a quality right u are seriously outstanding girl whether I write os or full story it will be rocking always yr no one can match this yr it was this much awesome and that number exchanging scene was ???? then that nano seconds seconds minutes ………?????? it was beyond of thoughts so three cheers for u hip hip hurray somiya ???????✌✌✌?????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Anzeela amazing I thought it was someone else whole reading but at end I as very much in eager to find out the author and by seeing ur name a smile formed on my lips tq u for semaa episode

  4. Maya

    Finally its out and the first thing that i did after i wake up is to read ur OS!! So much of excellence and the message u conveyed is tooooo goooood!!!!????????? love u for that and possesivenes is also a funny feeling hehe ????? and u had very nicely merged it in ur OS?????? Great job done!!!!??????????

  5. Nivethitha

    Amazing fabulous fantastic awesome mind blowing….Wow superb Chinese .. It’s was amazing and I loved ur message.. I should really appreciate u… It was filled with awesomeness…Love u Chinese…?????

  6. durga

    Awesome yaar really I loved tz OS to the core yeah love s not changing 4 others love is loving their behaviour not to make a silly thgs on their behaviour n conclude to break up really awesome episode yaar

  7. sharaya

    Hey soya i don’t like this os but I loveddd ittt!! Super fantastic awesome!! Someone tell me some new words to appreciate her or should I say soya I think you the meaning and at last you said ‘we should be who we are’ it is tottaly right and I love it so so much

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