Porus 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Agrees With Chanakya’s Plan

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Puru tells Ambhi Kumar and Chanakya that Alexander wants to control me and capturing Takshaila is just a lame reason. Chanakya asks what he wants to say. Puru says he faced Alexander already once and Alexander wants to create fear among his enemies, that way he will win Takshashila first and then whole bharath. Ambhi says on one side, he has his mother and other side motherland, whom he will choose. Puru says his duty is to protect his mother first and if he does not, his mother will not talk to him, but will understand that he has to protect his motherland first, they will stop Alexander from further entering into Bharath. Ambhi kumar says he agrees with Puru. Ambhi Raj says let us get our army ready. Chanakya says they should agree to compromise first to keep Alexander in delusion like a traveler gets

happy seeing delusion of water, but then death captures him, similarly they will make Alexander think he has won us, but we will prepare to attack him and kick him out of Bharath. Puru says he agrees with Chanakya’s plan. Ambhi Kumar says it is against war ethics. Puru says Alexander does not follow rules at all, he is so cruel and cunning, he first tortured and killed innocent citizens, bent rules according to his benefit, pronounced himself as their god, etc. He will capture Takshila first and then whole Bharath, we will be left helpless in our own country, so it is very important to stop Alexander. Chanakya says he will take compromise letter to Alexander and see who dared to eye my motherland. Ambi raj asks his men to take care of Bamni first.

Shivdutt angrily pokes knife in wooden table and shouts Takshila is always a trouble for them, now it is protecting Bamni, else Bamni would have died long ago, it is important to crush snake’s head first by crushing its weakness first. Kanishk asks what is his plan. Shivdutt says Takshahila’s weakness is Anusuya who is with them.

In Alexander’s tent, Olympia asks Ruksana if she did not like Alexander’s gift. Alexander says some people like to be in delusion, let them be, comments let him see what Puru will do in his own motherland. Olympia says he should have killed Puru in Faras itself. Alexander says he would not have enjoyed killing Puru there, he wants to enjoy killing Puru in his own land. Ruksana comments some people overestimate and live in grandiosity, what if Puru points sword on Alexander again. Alexander says she will soon see what will happen to Puru.

Puru takes care of Bamni. Bamni opens eyes. Puru says he is his son Puru. Bamni tries to wake up. Puru asks to sleep as his wounds are deep. Chanakya walks in. Bamni identifies him and thanks. Chanakya says he should thank Puru who is a brave son of motherland and tells Puru he is going to meet Alexander with compromise letter. Puru informs Bamni that Alexander has reached Bharath.

Precap: Shivdutt throws Alexander in brothel. Puru says Alexander has not seen elephant in any war, this will help us win over. Chanakya tells Alexander that Takshila is ready to compromise and even handover Puru to him.

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  1. what is ur reaction to chanakya’s heel turn plz comment on this OK.

    1. Chanakya ji’s Heel ?

  2. Very interesting tactics. I love the guy who is acting as Chanakya ji. He says it all on his face.
    I forwarded Shivdutt. Wasting screen time on Shivdutt and Kanishk. I feel the track of Shivdutt is lowering the tempo of the show.
    Roxanne no acting skills until now. Hopefully she develops. I feel like it brings down Alexander-Roxanne scenes as she has no expressions.
    Puru or Bamni please be Pourav Rastra king soon. Can’t bear this Kanishk and Shivdutt.
    Nice to see Ambhi’s listening to Chanakya ji without any questions. I like Ambhi Raj ‘s jewels ?

  3. Loved Puru- Bamani scenes, they were looking so innocent. I feel so irritated seeing Shivdutt and Kanishk hatching stupid plans to control Pourav’s throne where Laex has come to conquer Bharat. I feel sorry for Anusuya who has not done any crime but faces all probs… Bamani and Puru please reach Pourav Rashtra soon…??

  4. loved today’s episode also as every episode of porus very interesting episode of a interesting and entertaining show porus loved everyone porus alexander their acting tremendous my favorite serial as compare to other shows as compare to other shows and serials porus show is the best one what u all think plz comment about this below I am big fan of this show and this serial loved every episode its actors its protagonist and antagonist porus and Alexander they both are tremendous their acting are tremendous oh by the way one information for all the fans of porus according to my sources today is the maha episode of porus episode 141 is today means Saturday June 9 2018 timing 8:00pm-9:00pm on Sony TV as per my information when I have seen this timing but I am not really confirmed about it if someone came to know about this confirmed news and timing about this episode plz write it in the comments section below if ur a true fan of porus as me plz tell OK bye.

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