Porus 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanishk Stabs Puru

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Darius asks Amartya Shivdutt to help him establish his army in Pourav rastra if he wants Anusuya. Shivdutt says that is impossible, Bamni will never agree. Darius uses emotional weapon. Kanishk walks in and informs Amartya that Bamni is calling him.

In Macedonia, Alexander walks to Olympia and asks what is she doing. She asks if drinking wine in her room is a sin. He asks why she is doing black magic on Aredius. She says she did what a mother does for her son’s future. He says he was handling situation well and if she does not trust him, king Philip will announce him as future king tomorrow. Olympia says Philip will never make him king. Alexander asks if she does not trust her son, seeing her heinous act, he is ashamed to call himself as her son.

In Pourav rastra, Puru asks Bamni

to call Amartya and find out truth. Amartya walks in with Kanishk and asks Bamni if he called him. Bamni asks if he kidnapped a woman. Amartya says it is true. Puru asks Bamni if he is satisfied now, as a king Bamni failed as a king as he blindly trusts his people without knowing the fact and does not know what is happening in his . Amartya says what he would have done when his brother took oath not to sit on king’s sit until he catches Dasyu, so he captured Dasyu’s friend to call Dasyu here and he does not have that woman, that woman is Pourav rastra’s citizen and it is his duty to protect his citizen, an outsider cannot take their sister.

Puru says he understood Amartya’s intention and warns to return that woman. Amartya and his men pull swords. Bamni stops them and asks Puru if that woamn is from dasyu pradesh, how is he related to her. Amartya asks to speak. Puru says she is not related to him, but he will not go without woman. Bamni says when Puru is bothered about an unknown woman, why should not he trust his elder brother. He wanted to punish dasyu who dared to beat prince, but when he saw dasyu saving Pourav rastra’s dignity, he respected dasyu, but now he does not want him to be here and asks guards to drop dasyu out. Puru says he will not go without that woman. Bamni orders Kanishk to drop Puru out. Kanishk walks with Puru reminiscing Puru trashing him. Puru turns sensing someone pulling sword out. Kanishk stabs him.

Precap: Lachi asks Nandini she thought about everyone, what about Puru he is alone there. Father says Puru took his own decision and should face consequences alone. Philip says it is time to announce his legal heir and introduces queen Cleopatra. Alexander stands shocked.

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  1. I think Puru is given a chance to learn who Shivdutt is and how much Bamini trust him and also getting a chance to learn about Kanishk. So he knows how to deal with them later.
    Now I think Ripu and may be Laachi will come to rescue Puru with Sumeer. They will rescue everyone and stay back in PR.
    Darius torture will bring back Anusiya’s memory. All going to fall in place next week hopefully

  2. They showed Puru as a strong character. He was able to take care of tough situations. But looks like Pourav Rastra politics is making him weak. He is not used to these politics.
    How is he he going to handle Shivdutt, Kanishk and the tough person is going to be Darius.
    I am worried for him. I know he is going to survive. But I like Puru to be the Super hero

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