Porus 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Effort To Revive Anusuya

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Puru reaches battlefield and is shocked to see severely injured Anusuya, runs to her and holds her hand crying. Anusuya asks him not to cry as she is her hope to kick out intruders from her country. She then asks Bamni not to cry as she knows her husband and son will fulfill her dream of one Bharath. They both nod their heads. Anusuya then addresses Laachi that she is always Puru’s support, she can leave peacefully with an assurance that she will be with Puru always. Laachi says Anusuya always won battles, she should win even this battle. Anusuya says he is proud to sacrifice her life for her country, she cannot see united Bharat, but is part of it. She tells Puru she would have been disappointed if he had come to save her instead of fighting with Alexander, she is proud that her son values

his motherland than his mother. She then asks Bamni to promise that he will fight for united Bharath and not breakdown because of her and will never bend. She holds his hand, kisses it, smiles at him, then smiles at Puru, looks back at Bamni, and closes her eyes. Puru tries to wake her up and says her Puru will not let her die and tells Bamni that maa has to be alive. He removes sword from Anusuya’s stomach, lifts her and orders to gather all Vaidya/doctors to treat Anusuya.

At palace, Olympia sees people running and smiles saying someone must have died, let her see whom Alexander has killed. She smiles more seeing injured Anusuya. Rajguru checks Anusuya’s pulse and says there is no pulse at all. Puru says his mother cannot leave this world and runs inside palace pleading to save his mother. Olympia watches from behind and says this is just the beginning, Alexander will spill money till he comes and takes her back.

Puru stands near Anusuya while Rajguru treats her. He reminisces Dasyu raj telling Mahanandini died in his arms and he could not do anything. Rajguru asks Lachi to bring medicine. She walks, but Puru stops her. She consoles Puru that her one mother lost life for the nation, she will not lose another mother. He hugs her emotionally. Laachi says nothing will happen to their mother. Olympia walks in and says they should leave hope of reviving Anusuya, they saw what Alexander did hearing his mother is kidnapped, if they don’t send her back, Alexander will create blood river and kill them all. Puru asks if she is trying to show him fear of death, he will show her what fear of death is, pulls out knife and walks towards her.

Precap: Puru stabs Olympia. Alexander orders Cletus to get ready to attack Pourav rastra tonight and save his mother, Puru would be fuming seeing his mother’s condition.. He ride horse towards Pourav rastra..

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  1. Happy to see Anasuya was saved … Interesting
    Best sas- bahu Jodi goes to Anasuya and laachi

  2. great great episode and show porus is.

  3. what a great great episode and show porus is.

  4. Ab tak ham sab nai dekha ..saas-bahu fight with each other in daily serials and real life ..but in our show Porus
    Saas-bahu Anasuya and Laachi fights for motherland
    Olympia ko Alexander kai pas bejo puru…
    He wants to meet her mother.
    And kill that Ambiraj …

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