Porus 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Reaches Bharath

Porus 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Alexander with his army heads towards Bharath and asks Hephastian how far Bharath is now. Hephastian says just after crossing Hindu Kush mountain, they will reach Bharath, but they have to wait until storm stops. Alexander says he will go and touch his dream crossing this storm and want to see why his mother is afraid. He speeds his horse into storm. Olympia calls him, but in vain. Alexander reaches Bharath, gets down horse and reminisces Puru warning daring not to eye on his country or its soil, else he will face dire consequences. Alexander picks soil in his hand and says he stepped on Puru’s country and even touched his soil, now let him see if Puru will stop him from becoming Bharath’s king.

Chanakya treats Bamni. Laachi asks how is Bamni now. Chanakya says he did his best and now it is

up to Bamni’s will power to get well soon. Puru says his father’s will is to see united Bharath, hence he will get well soon. Chanakya says he is happy to see Puru can understand meaning in puzzle. He sees Puru injured and says even he is injured and should not treatment. He applies medicine on Puru’s hands and says adamancy should be suppressed, else it will destroy a dynasty. Ambhi raj enters and thanks Chanakya/Vishnu Gupta for treating Bamni and says Puru he need not worry as Bamni is in safe hands. Puru says let us attack Shivdutt and Kanishk and free Anusuya. Ambhi raj says they should wait. Puru asks what is more important than saving his mother when they know where and whom to attack.

Alexander returns to Ruksana and says he is back for her. She says she wants to see Bharathi warrior who dared to enter Faras to save Barsine, Barsine informed her about it. Alexaner says that is because he allowed warrior. Barsine says to the extent of pointing sword at Sikandar/Alexander and even getting his demands fulfilled. Alexander asks if his wife is interested in Bharati warrior. Ruksana says she wants to see what warrior will do when Alexander tries to capture his country.

Ambhi Raj says Alexander has entered Bharath and shows letter. Chanakya reads it and says he Alexander wants Takshahila to surrender and compromise, else he will attack Takshashila. Ambhi says now Puru has to decide whether to save his mother or motherland.

Precap: Hepastian informs Alexander that Takshashila is ready to compromise and will send their messenger soon. Chanakya says he wants to go and see who is daring to eye on Bharath.

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  1. Roxanne loved Alexander as well. But here, they’re showing it otherwise. It’s quite unfair.

  2. Roxanne loved Alexander as well. But in here, they’re showing it otherwise. It’s quite unfair.

  3. The episode was interesting. Loved Puru scenes. I really did not care for Alexander today.
    I am waiting to see how Chanakya ji will help Puru. I am pretty sure I am going to hate Alexander when the mahayud starts.

  4. Hashini dilshani

    Takshashila is ready to compromise.i don’t like it.
    I have more questions now. Why ambiraj compromise , Will puru save his mother , how puru become a king.

  5. There is so much little time, Alex has already reached Bharat?? What will Puru do?? When will he get ready?? And become the king?? When will he marry?? But I am sure that he will reach Pourav soon and rescue Anusuya ?? Bamani and Anusuya as well as Laachi need to control Puru now…

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