Porus 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Raj Kills Anusuya

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Takshashila’s soldiers continue stabbing and punching Anusuya and she falls on floor severely injured, bleeding. Ambhi raj if she has any power left to fight now. She opens eyes and says until she has last breath and blood in her body, she will fight and gets up. She kills a few soldiers again. Laachi continues killing Macedonian soldiers outside trap and kicks Hephastian. Ambhi raj throws chariot wheel on her. She falls down. He walks towards her… She gets up and lifts wheel and throws it on him. He falls down holding his chest. She lifts wheel again and walks towards him. He gets afraid. Soldier stabs her from behind. She throws wheel on soldier and kills him and then addresses Abhi raj that he proved today that women are so powerful that men trick and back stab them, men are

egoistic and trick, she is ready to face him and challenges to attack him. He picks sword and walks towards her. She smiles proudly.

Bamni with his soldiers reaches battleiffld and starts killing Takshashila soldiers to break their barrier and orders soldiers tob break barrier. Soldiers hit barrier with wooden log. Anusuya asks Ambhi raj if he can hear his end. Soldiers break first barrier. Laachi runs in to break next barrier. Anusuya sees Bamni and smilingly says Arya…Ambi Raj stabs sword into her stomach. Puru senses while riding horse. Anusuya stands shocked. Bamni sees that and shouts Anusuya…

Cletius brings Alexander’s dead horse to bury it in a pit. Alexander emotionally looks at horse and says it accompanied him from childhood till now, he lost his most loyal and close friend, and takes oath to take revenge from Porus and kill him.

Bamni runs towards Anusuya. Anusuya tells Ambhi raj until she meets her family, she will not die. Ambhi raj runs away. Bamni runs and holds Anusuya followed by Laachi. Bamni emotionally says nothing will happen to her. Anusuya says Puru…Puru is seen speeding his horse..

Alexander sees his horse in pit and throwing soil on its body reminisces Olympia’s words in letter that she knows her son will kill Porus and free her. She then reminisces Puru’s challenge orders Cletus to get the army ready, they will attack Pourav rastra tonight and free his mother.

Precap: Puru reaches Anusuya. Anusuya says Puru…and breathes last.

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  1. what a emotional and superp episode anusuya is so brave that she fights until her last breath like her son puru sorry for the sad death of alexander’s horse and also of anusuya we are always going to proud on these warriors they will be remember always what a grand and superp great show porus is right. comments more all fast its special mention for all of porus fans.

  2. What a brilliant acting by rati. This episode brought tears in my eyes

    1. Same here. Amazing acting by Rati. Anusuya fought like a lioness.

  3. Actually based on previous precap I felt Anasuya will survive may be by Chanakya .but by seeing today episode may be she will die in next episode.
    I don’t get what is going on in Ambiraj mind ..
    Unnecessary he kills Anasuya ..
    He hates puru and bhamini but he killed Anasuya
    If Chanakya saves Anasuya like bhamini previously I will feel happy

    1. Yvonne Codner

      He has a grudge against Anasuya because she chose Bamni over him, so he hates her. I would have thought that he has forgotten past grudges but clearly, he has not. He ain’t going to fight Bamni or Puru because he is a coward. First, he wanted Anu to kill Bamni so he had given her a poisoned knife to shave Bamni’s hair which cut and poisoned him and he almost died. (Back to Ambhiraj) he just does not have the guts to face Alexander so that is why he joined with them and I am sure his end is near, especially if Alexander does not gets what he wants,

      1. Ya ,true he is a coward he can’t fight with Alexander..

      2. I have a feeling that Ambhiraj was pressurized by Alexander to kill Puru’s mother because Puru had captured Alexander’s mom. Also, Alexander has Ambhikumar in prison so it could be a deal that he made to get his son released.

  4. From the first episode onwards Anasuya character is very precious,very wise ,and played key role than bhamini in Show Porus ..

  5. Excellent show, please don’t kill off Anshuya. She has played one of the key roles in this show!

  6. This show is outstanding
    This show need highest trp rating plz watch this i promoise u that u also like it….

  7. Please don’t kill Anusuya’s character. She’s the motivating force for united Bharat which Sardar Vallabhai Patel achieved finally.

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