Porus 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya’s Entry In Show

Porus 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru saves Bamni and rushes him on chariot to save him from Kanishk and Shivdutt and get treatment. Bamni’s wounds profusely bleed. Puru asks Bamni not to lose hope, nothing will happen to him until his son is there. Bamni loses consciousness. Puru asks Hasti to stop chariot, they need to stop Bamni’s blood somehow. In palace, Kadika confronts Kanishk and pleads to save his father, else next generations will remember him as cruel and coward. Kanishk points sword on Kadika’s neck. Kadika stands shocked. Anusya comments his mother is proud of him and waited for this day bearing him in her womb for 9 months, this is what he gave to his mother. She continues lashing Shivdutt. Shivdutt warns to shut up and tightens grip. Anusuya says he cannot even touch her and reminds how he was pleading for life sometime ago. Kanisk asks to kill Anusuya, they will see what will happen next. Shivdutt stands with bent head. Kanishk asks what happened. Anusuya says Shivdutt will dare not to touch her as he knows her son Puru will not spare them both. Shivdutt orders to throw her in jail.

Puru and team try to stop Bamni’s blood with herbs, but fail. Hasti says king’s legs are cold. Laachi says they need an expert vaidya/doctor. Puru asks from where will they get vaidya. Ambhi Kumar says only Takshashila’s royal vaidya who is scholar can save king now. Chanakya is introduced. They take Bamni near river bed where Chanakya is performing pooja. Chanakya comes out. Ambhi kumar greets him and tries to speak, but he stops Ambhi and looking at Ambhi says time is less and his challenge is bigger.

In jail, Anusuya prays Jhelum river to protect her husband. Malay walks in front of her and wipes her tears consoling her not to worry and trust Puru, nothing will happen to king until Puru is there. Anusuya hugs her and says Puru will save king.

Chanakya treats Bamni with herbs. Puru and others wait nervously. Jhelum’s voiceover says Puru is unaware of the storm which is coming on his way. Alexander with his army is seen heading towards Bharath.

Precap: Storm stops Alexander’s way to enter Bharath. Alexander asks Hephastian to wait with army while he enters storm. Ambhi Raj informs Puru that Alexander has entered Bharath.

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  1. Earlier timings were good……..now episodes are too short….

    1. Yes
      ?The episodes are too short nowadays

    2. Rohit Nitore

      ya agree. recent episodes are too short

  2. another great episode of porus as always great great show no 1 show on television right now.

  3. Laksh and Rati acted so well and they bought tears ? in my eyes. The little boy and Rati scene was soothing to watch. Chanakya’s entry was awesome. Hope the makers will show Chanakya’s smartness. What is wrong with Kanishk. Totally gone mad and brain washed by Shivdutt. Alexander is on his way. But our Purushotham has nothing right now. No kingdom, no Praha and no military. Will he solve all this overnight?

  4. Hmmm..
    I think Chanakya will save bamni as he is mastermind ?

  5. And…
    Akhirkar hamari battle of Hydaspes
    Aa Aa gaiiiiiii ??

    1. I mean jald hi
      Anewali hai

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