Porus 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Takes Oath To Burn Whole Bharath

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Anusuya walks to Bamni. Bamni emotionally says she twice saved his life, but he always gave her pain. She consoles him. He continues his emotional talks. In royal hall, Puru announces that he will start his rule with royal ritual and will give gold equal to his weight in charity to his citizens. Chanakya angrily watches him. Puru watches him going. In Takshashila, Alexander looks at Takshahila and Pourav rastra map between Jhelum river. Ambhi Raj tells Kumar that Puru betrayed them and became king, now Alexander will not spare him. Olympia says Chanakya tricked Alexander, before killing Puru, Alexander should kill Chanakya.

Puru sits on one side of weighing machine. Rajguru asks Bamni/father to put gold bars on the other side. Bamnni does. Puru does not lift a bit. Rajguru asks maids to put

gold now. They fill machine with gold ornaments. Puru does not lift a bit even then. Laachi walks to Puru and says looks like his weight increased with palace food. Puru says machine will lift with love. She asks whose. He asks to wait and watch. Anusuya drops her jewelry in machine. Puru’s side does not lift up even then. Laachi walks next, removes her anklet and puts it in weight machine. Puru’s side lifts up. Bamni claps in happiness. People chant Puru’s name. Chanakya angrily leaves. Bamni says this gold will be used in Pourav rastra and it’s citizen’s development.

Anusuya walks to Laachi and says what whole lot of gold could not do, her single anklet did, that signifies a woman’s role in man’s life and how her love strengthens man’s fate, if she is ready to become Pourav rastra’s future queen. Laachi shies. Anusuya tells Laachi that a queen should be ready to undergo many sacrifices, if she is ready. Anusuya says she knows she has to put forth her country before her husband and is ready to support Puru in every stop and will be with him when he fights against Alexander.

Ambhi raj tells Alexander they together should attack Pourav rastra and kill Puru. Alexander cuts his hand with knife and asks Ambhi raju to return his blood back into body and then pulling his sword asks to kill him and then claim Takshashila back. Ambhi raj stands shocked. Alexander says when he cannot do both, how can he forget Puru insulting him so easily. He throws fire on map and says he will burn whole Bharath because of Puru’s mistake.

Chanakya does havan. His student says this havan is done for protection of a country. Chanakya says he is praying for Bharath’s protection as because of Puru’s one mistake of letting Alexander alive, Alexander will try to destroy whole Bharath and has already invaded Bharath from east. He gets up and walks away from there.

Puru addresses everyone present there and says he will grant his praja’s wish and anybody can question anythhhing. Chanakya walks in and says he has a question. Puru asks to go ahead. Chanakya says he gave his teachings to his student, but it is student’s choice whether to follow his teachings or not, he had warned his student against enemy, but he was overconfident and now is putting whole country into trouble, etc..

Precap: Alexander steps into water and says till now he heard, they cannot cut water, but he did and found way to reach Pourav rastra, now he will attack Pourav rastra with his soldiers, Puru has to pay for his mistakes with Pourav rastra’s destroyal.

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