Porus 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Rescues Anusuya; Philips Gets Well

Porus 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Hasti informs Darius that queen Anusuya is alive and Puru is her son. Darius says he did a big favor by revealing this truth. He orders Moses to throw Hasti in prison. Hasti says he told he did a big favor to him, then why he is prisoning him. Darius says he should be thankful that he is not killing him, he does not know what all he can do for crown.

Puru drops Sumer out and asks him to go while he saves that woman/Anusuya as he had promised her. Sumer he should not bother and return with him. Puru says he does not break his promise at any cost. Shivdutt drags Anuusya while she calls Puru for help. Shivdutt says whatever he could not do 20 years ago he will do it now. He drops water on her to do her last rights. Puru enters. Anusuya asks if he returned. Puru says he is a man of his promise

and will not break it. Shivdutt angrily attacks him, but he kicks Shivdutt far away. Soldiers attack him next and grip him.

Darius says he does not like holding past, orders Moses to find Anusuya and Puru soon. He reaches venue and ordes Moses to kidnap Anusuya and kill her. Puru holds Anusuya’s hand while soldiers grip him. Shivdutt hits his head with stone and he falls down. Soldiers drag Anusuya away while someone kills soldiers. Shivdutt tells Puru that he can fulfill his promise in hell. Puru collapses while Shivdutt walks out smirking.

In Macedonia, Alexander reminisces Aredius’ changed behavior and doubts Olympia’s black magic as reason. Someone informs that king Philip is hale and healthy now and wants to meet him. Alexander meets Philip and says he is not yet healed. Philip says injuries are common in war and even he knows as a soldier. He serves liquor to Alexander. Aredius and Philipina walk in and ask how is he. He says he is fine, but Aredius’ intentions don’t seem to, he is
on barbaric mode get crown. He says he will make a big announcement tomorrow and asks Alexander to be present there. He servds liquor to Aredius. Aredius throws it shouting blood..blood and throws everyone’s glasses. hits his head to pillar. Everyone look in a shock while Olympias smirks.

Precap: Aredius insists Philip to give his crown. Doctor says prince has lost his conscience and someone did black magic on him. Alexander looks at Olympias. Puru walks into courtyard trashing soldiers and tells Bamni that hide and seek game is over, he wanted to meet him and he came.

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