Porus 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Rescues Sumer In Exchange of Anusuya

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Princess Barsin scolds servants that she likes only Farsi perfume in her bathroom and hates Bharati perfume, Bharati’s perfume is poor like them and they don’t know what real perfume means. Servants apologize her. She angrily throws perfume and orders them to add saffron in water. Hasti peeps in and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He walks in silently. Moses catches in and points sword at him. Darius walks in and shouts how dare he is to enter his daughter’s room.

Shivdutt smirks seeing Anusuya. Anusuya reminisces Shivdutt throwing her baby in water and shouts he will kill her child. Shivdutt orders soldiers to catch Anusuya. Puru guards Anusuya and warns soldiers to back off, else he will kill them all. Shivdutt says if Puru wants to see bloodbath, then he is ready, if he does not

return old mad lady, he will kill his dasyu friend.

Darius removes Hasti’s shawl and is shocked to see dasyu. He shouts Dasyu’s are getting interested in Farsi’s a lot, they looted ship first, then insulted him, Puru killed his warriors, now another Dasyu is eyeing on his daughter. He orders Moses to kill Puru’s friend. Hasti shouts he is not Puru’s friend, and Puru is not a Dasyu, he is a royal blood. Darius says she is lying to save his life. Hasti says he is not afraid of death as Puru has snatched his rights. Darius says face speaks truth, he hates Puru and is telling some truth. Hasti informs that Puru is Bamni ‘s son. Darius says queen Kaykayi has only 1 son and Anusuya and her son are already dead. long ago. Hasti says it is not true.

Kanishk sees Bamni sitting on king’s chair and asks if he forgave Puru, he had taken oath to kill Puru. Bamni says Puru saved Pourav rastra’s dignity, when all warriors and even prince failed, Puru rescued them. Kanishk says he will cut Puru into pieces. Bamni says he is speaking now as Puru saved him, they should not kill the one who saved them.

Shivdutt tells Puru that he will count till 10 and if he does not give mad woman, he will kill his dasyu friend. He counts while Sumer is given a cut with each count. Sumer asks if he will betray his friend for stranger woman, reminds maa Nandini’s favors, Laachi’s trust, etc. Anusuya requests Puru to take her along, else Shivdutt will kill her child. Shivdut points knife on Sumer’s neck and tightens it slowly, grinning. Puru stops him and says he can take away Anusuya. Shivdutt ays he can kill them both, but will not break his promise. He can take Sumer. Anusuya pleads Puru not to leave her alone while soldiers drag her away.

Precap: Puru takes Sumer with him. Shivdutt says Anusuya that he will finish the task which he left unfinished 30 years ago. In Macedonia, Alexander is informed that Philip is fine now.
Philip says Alexander that he is making a big announcement tomorrow and he should be present. Alexander looks tensed.

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  1. When will the family unite

  2. Cannot believe how stupid is the character Hasti. Felt too bad for Sumeer and Puru and off course
    Anusiya . I hope they won’t kill Anusiya before the bonding happens. Again nothing interesting in today’s episode at least for me ?

  3. Well disappointed by this episode.Thought Bamni will know about Anasuya or sumer or atleast of puru being his son.

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