Porus 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Rescues Anusuya and Bamni

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Bamni tells Kanishk that he just wants to request him to give lots of love to his son and holding his hand and lifting him on his shoulders. Anusuya says Kanishk should be a good father like he was a good son who even went to the extent of destroying Dasyu lok when his father took oath not to sit on his royal seat till he catches Dasyus. Kanishk gets emotional and tears roll down his cheeks. Kadikaa also supports Bamni and Anusuya and holds Kanishk’s shoulder. Shivduutt gets tensed seeing his plan getting failed and brainwashes Kanishk that as a king he should be tough and not fall in their sugary talks, once he gets trapped in their fake love, Bamni will become king again and will make his elder son Puru as king, then he will be ignored completely like before when he ignored when Puru came in their lives.

Anusuya confronts and says he is a big traitor who betrayed his motherland before and now he is trying to created hatred in a son’s heart for his father. Kanishk shouts she is a big traitor and reason for all these problems. She says if he thinks so, he can punish her but spare Bamni. Bamni says he wants to die holding Anusuya’s hands and holds her hands. Shivdutt provokes Kanishk to announce his decision. Kanishk orders soldiers to kill them. Soldiers run towards them with swords and blows sword. Puru reaches there and holds swords. Anusuya and Bamni rejoice seeing him while Kanishk and Shivdutt get tensed. Puru warns Kanishk that he will punish him right now for his heinous act. Shivdutt orders to kill them. Puru warns to dare try and see.

In Bactria, Alexander dorns crown on Oxyrates’ head and pronounces him Bactrian king. He says he is heading towards Bharat now and hopes Oxyrates will administer his Bactria well. Oxyrates says he will try his level best. Alexander says good he showed hope and not promised as promised are broken and hopes reach their destiny. Looking at Ruksana, he says Oxyrates that he needs something in return from him. Oxyrates asks what he can give. Alexander says he wants Ruksana ‘s hand. Ruksana says she is privileged seeing Alexander selecting his life partner from Bactria.

Puru breaks Anusuya and Bamni’s chains and frees them. Shivdutt orders soldiers to kill 3 of them. Laachi asks Puru to punish Kanishk and Shivdutt while she fights with soldiers. Puru walks towards them killing soldiers on the way. Kanishk shouts he came in his way again and pulls sword. Puru says no..

Precap: Shivdutt points knife at Anususya’s neck and warns Bamni dare not to stop him. Bamni walks towards them when Shivdutt stabs swords into his stomach. Puru shouts Amartya.. Chanakyaa’s entry is shown.

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  1. I don’t want Dumbini to die and exit the show. I will mss his cute dumbness ?. I wish our Super hero to save both his parents. I really don’t think Puru will harm Kanishk but definitely Shivdutt is out after this……. I hope so. I am tired of this villain. Nice to see Laachi helping Puru again. This time joined by Hasti and Ambhi Kamar.

  2. Noooo… I am sure Bamani will not die… I watch Porus for Puru, Anusuya, Laachi, the story, the plot not to mention Alex but I watch Bamani for the enthusiasm he gives me.?? I am sure he won’t die. And if Puru is here why feat????

  3. Plz, whosoever see these updates do comment
    So that Trip increases
    Plz everyone comment ..??

  4. And like you all
    I too am eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  5. Puru breaks the chain of his parents like a thread cutting…. Looks unrealistic… But still I enjoy the seen

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