Porus 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Opens Gordian Lock

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Puru asks tribal woman/banjaran how is she alive when all her tribal team is dead. She says not only she is alive and clear grass shows a sleeping boy. She lifts him and says he is her brother and loves hiding, when they were attacked, he was hiding and escaped death. She pleads Puru and Laachi to take them along and drop them to their village.

Queen Adda takes Alexander to Gordian lock and says nobody could untangle this rope since years. Alexander says that is because this lock was waiting for him and only he can untangle. Queen Adaa says if he fails, he will lose respect. He says he won Faras and did unimagineable, now everyone will see how Alexander will do impossible task. He looks at rope and says his people will untangle it easily. He calls Ephastian. Ephastian worriedly walks towards lock

and looks at it carefully. He uses power but cannot untangle it. Queen Adaa asks what wil Alexander do now.

Laachi tells Puru that they have to drop these tribals to their home. Ambhi Kumar says they have to continue their journey as even a few days’ delay will harm them. Hasti says Ambhi Kumar is right. Laachi says they cannot risk their life and asks Puru what he wants to do. Puru says we will take this woman with us, but not let her know who they are and what is their motto.

Alexander walks towards Gordian lock and looks it carefully. Cletus tells Ephastian that he did not see Alexander defeating till now, but seeing Ephastian failed, he thinks Alexander will fail. Ephastian Alexander’s brain is his strength. Alexander cuts rope and says question was to untangle it, but not how. He opened this lock and has unique brain than them, he is entitled to become Asia’s king. Queen Adaa says first she thought he is different, but he is totally different from them and is capable of becoming sikandar. He asks what does that mean. She says that means one who is undefeatable. People chant sikandar..sikandar.

Puru takes tribal lady and her brother on his boat and asks her to not worry, they will reach her village in a few days. Lady thanks him for being kind and helping them. Laachi asks lady to go and rest, while she takes care of her brother. Boy wakes up and asks who are they and where is he. Laachi says they are all her friends and he and his sister are safe. Lady comes. He asks who is she.

An arrow with message hits Gordian lock. Alexander says Darius has sent message. Cletus reads message and says he is right, Darius wants to fight. Ephastian says let us attack then. Alexander says if someone is challenging, that means he is completely ready completely. Farsi soldiers chant Faras Faras.. Darius waves hands at them and asks Mauses what is strength of their soldiers. Mauses says more than 1 lakh soldiers 50,000 horse riders, 10,000 archers, etc. Darius chants Faras zindabad. Alexander tells his army is not that huge to face Darius and asks to send a message to Darius he is ready, but will think how to face Darius.

Puru asks boy if the lady is not his sister. Boy says no. He asks lady how can a brother not identify his sister. Lady hugs him emotionally and says thank god he got conscious and he is not identifying her due to head injury, he will be fine soon. She tells Puru that he lost his memory due to fear, she will feed and make him sleep, who knows her memory may return. Puru tells Laachi that he doubts this woman. Laachi says he doubts too much.

Precap: Darius tells Barsin that he lost Bharath when he let her free, this time he will not let her free. Lady/Vishkanya thinks Puru’s end is near.

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  1. I am beginning to like Alexander’s part more than Puru at least this week. The guy is acting much better than Puru. Puru have to improve. His scenes are boring nowadays. I feel Laachi is also behind on skills..
    No chemistry between Laachi and Puru. Looks artificial.. I am sorry for the ?.

    1. Agreed. Puru has become boring. Nowadays I am waiting for alexander track while watching the show. And Puru lachi romance boring to extreme. So unnecessary artificial. If the makers are so keen to make a romantic track for Puru they should have first framed a good story for it and then execute it step by step. Little by little. Then only the viewers will also get the feeling. Here just for the sake of it makers are forcing it. So boring…and now this stupid vishkanya track. Why the makers are hellbent on deteriorating the quality of the show. They are bringing down the show to the level of stupid ekta or stupid gulkhan shows by introducing such crap. Darius, alexander, mahanandini, anasuya, ambiraj, hasti, are really doing justice to their roles. To an extend barsine n kanishk too. Others have to do more hard work.

      1. Agreed. Good to know I am not the only one.

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