Porus 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Is Shocked To See Puru Alive

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Puru walks into royal court with his family greeting kings and people present there. People are surprised seeing him. Puru greets them and says Pourav rastra will head towards progress now and he needs their support. Rajguru asks him to sit for havan pooja. Chanakya brings Alexander to Pouraav rastra’s seaport and showing permission letter to guard says king Alexander is invited for annual festival and coronation ceremony. Guard checks and seals on permission letter. Chanakya steps on Pourav rastra form boat and says he heard Bharat is called a golden sparrow, but that is so small seeing Bharath’s wealth resources. Puru is given royal bath with turmeric paste. Chanakya walks into royal court and keenly looks at what is happening. He asks Chanakya what kind of coronation is this, in their

country, they just dorn crown. Chanakya says in Bharath, they consider king as god who takes care of his people like his own children and risks his life to protect them. He tells significance of turmeric that it is antiseptic and cleanses body, it signifies king will cleanse his people away from harm. Puru is given honey bath. Chanakya explains its significance that honey is sweet and king will spread sweetness in his people’s heart. Puru is then given milk bath. Hephastian asks what about milk. Chanakya says milk signifies health and king will keep his people healthy and prosperous. Puru is given water bath next. Chanakya describes its significance. Puru’s face is clearly seen now.

Alexander is shocked to see Puru alive. Puru is dorned royal jewelry and king’s turban. Bamni, Anusuya, and Laachi get happy. Chanakya asks Alexander if he understood now where he came, he must have realized who blasted bridge, welcome to king Purshottam’s coronation ceremony. Alexander angrily shouts betrayal. Chanakya says betrayal does not look good from a person’s mouth who killed his father for crown. Alexander says time will speak if he is a betrayer or not, now they will see blood on their kings’ coronation ceremony. He picks spearhead and throws it on Puru. It hits pot with red sindhoor. Laachi worriedly says Puru. Puru opens eyes. Alexander orders his soldiers to attack. Chanakya warns dare not to move, else they all will lose their lives, turn behind and see what is waiting for them. Alexander sees Pourav soldiers.

Puru gets up. Chanakya addresses king Purshottam, enemy is in front, he should kill enemy and fulfill his promise of finishing his enemy whenever he sees him and gift enemy’s body to his people. Puru pulls his sword and walks to Alexander and raises sword towards his neck when Alexander shows him invitation letter. He says he came here thinking this country is golden sparrow, but did not know but its people change colours like hawk and backbite, he came here on invitation, but its king wants to backstab him. He says look Bharat’s people, their king invited him for friendship and is killing him with trick. He says he is standing bare handed and Porus can kill him. Chanakya asks Puru to lift sword and end a man who wants to end Bharath’s sanskruti/culture. Puru walks towards Alexander

Precap: Chanakya says Puru it is his guru’s order to kill Alexander. Puru swiftly heads sword towards Alexander.

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  1. super episode of super show.

  2. Amazing acting by Rohit and Acharya. I loved The peace in Puru during the coronation and liked the way he showed anger in the pre cap. I think someone else trying to hurt Alexander at the pre cap and Puru hurt that person. Knowing Puru he will not hurt his guests. But Alexander is just using the letter to save himself from the mishap. I would have felt bad for Alexander if he did not try to hurt Puru. He did it first. He threw the weapon towards Puru in anger first. So he is guilty in the situation. Loved to see Malay. OMG the entire team did an awesome job today. It made me feel like I was in the court of Pourav rastra. ????????????????????


    Today was the show reached the heights of hipocracry
    Alexander comes in reality to porus and said I am here kill me???

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