Porus 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Captures Olympia And Presents Her In Front Of Anusuya

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Puru with Bamni and Hasti rides horse towards Takshshila searching Hasti. An arrow hits ground in front of them. Hasti warns him not to in front of it, it may be enemy’s trick. Puru says there may be some message, goes and picks message and reads that Kanishk is hiding in Takshashila, someone will help them get into Takshahila. Hasti asks how will they go there. Puru says they will go there disguised.

In Takshashila, Alexander and Hephastian and Cleitus attack Kanishk. Kanishk counterattacks them. Alexander then attacks Kanishk alone. Kanishk injures Alexander’s forehead. Alexander angrily injures Kanishk. Kanishk falls down. Alexander asks him to pick his sword and fight. Kanishk gets up. Hephastian and Cleitus attack Kanishk next. Kanishk counterattacks them and runs. Alexander

stops them and says he will kill Kanishk now alone and touching his bleeding forehead shouts he will shed Kanishk’s last drop of blood.

Olympia plays Zeus wearing black dress. Snakes crawl on her body. Soldier gets afraid seeing that. Olympia asks him not to worry as snakes bite only whom she wants to and says she will pray whole night for Alexander and orders not to let anyone inside. He walks away. She then sees someone outside tent and asks who is it, walks out holding sword and says whoever disturbed her prayers wants to harm Alexander, asks snake to take her to him/her. Snake shows her direction. Chanakya walks in front strangulating snake and throwing it away.

Puru with Bamni and Hasti reaches Takshashila’s main door and seeing heavy security says Sikandar has turned Takshashila into cave, they have to enter carefully and search for helper’s signal. He sees flag and says this is signal. A man walks to him and greets him. Puru asks any news about Puru. Man says Alexander did very bad to Kanishk and describes whole story how Alexander pronounced Kanishk as traitor for failing to kill Puru and ordering to throw Kanishk in jail, Kanishk escaping jail, Alexander trying to kill Kanishk and Kanishk escaping, etc.. Puru asks where is Kanishk now. Man says he is hiding in jungle, but Alexander and his soldiers are searching him. Puru says they have to search Kanishk before Alexander catches him. Kanishk kills Alexander’s soldiers and runs, slips and sprains his ankle and shouts, then runs limping. Alexander follows him on horse.

Olympia warns Chanakya that once Alexander orders death, nobody can escape. Chanakya says they have a saying in Bharath, they reap as they sow, now Alexander will pay for his sins. Chanakya’s students surround Olympia. Olympiaa says they dared to try to kidnap her and did a big mistake, she is god Zeus’ favorite disciple, now see Zeus’ wrath. She prays. Snake head towards Chanakya and his team. Olympia says these snakes are very poisonous and can kill anyone. Snake bites on students. Students pick snakes and cut them. Olympia says this is impossible. Chanakya says he has given poison to his students slowly and trained them, poison cannot harm them, if Zeus has any other trick. Olympia tries to attack Chanakya. Students surround him. Chanakya orders to let her attack him. She attacks, but he escapes. Students surround her. She says she knows he is taking to Porus, if Alexander will know about it, he will burn Chanakya and Puru into ashes. Chanakya says they respect women and don’t attack them, says he knows what to do, before she and other foreigners are kicked out of Bharath, she is getting a chance to see Pourav rastra.

Puru with Bamni and Hasti disguises as Macedonian soldier and says if Sikandar has decided to kill Kanishk, he will search Kanishk for sure, before anything unfortuante happens, they should find Kanishk soon. Puru then sees dead Macedonian soldiers and thinks where did Kanishk go after killing them all. Alexander climbs wooden pile looks at Kanishk. Kanishk ttries to cross river.

Chanakya takes Olympia to Pourav rastra. Anusuya keenly walks towards her and says if she is not wrong, she is Macedonian rajmata Olympia and greets her.

Precap: Alexander stabs Kanishk repeatedly and shouts he wants Kanishk to shout till his last drop of blood flows out of his body. Kanishk shouts and loses consciousness. Puru reaches there and is shocked to see unconscious Kanishk.

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  1. great great incredible episode and the whole show porus not like other shit sitcom jijaji and other daily soaps.

  2. great right.

  3. good one…the next episode will be much better as traitor kanisk will meet his fortune of bad deeds and meet sivdatt in hell.

  4. Today kanishik at last feel great for being puru brother … he was changed now but stabbed by Alexander ..
    Again puru reached after Alexander .we may know kanishik alive or not and .he able to prove Anasuya innocence or not

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