Porus 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Defeats Farsi Warriors

Porus 31st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru jumps into wrestling ground and says he will not let Farsi insulting his motherland and had already warned a Farsi that he does not like someone insulting his motherland and his mother. He walks towards Kanishk to lift him when Bamni stops him and asks to give his identity before fighting. Puru says he is a Bharati who came to protect his motherland. Bamni says he cannot let him fight until he shows his identity. Darius says Bamni let this young man fulfill his wish, usually young blood boil and freezes soon. Puru comments it is his motherland’s irony that a Farsi/outsider will suggests them what to do, he will not let any Farsi insult his motherland. Bamni permits Puru. Moses asks Darius that they were winning, why did he let this young boy fight. Darius says he wants Bamni’s

neck down in shame

Puru walks to Kanishk and lifts him and walks. Kanishk says it is not easy to defeat Farsi monster. Puru says he does do easy work. Soldiers support Kanishk and take him away. Monster shouts at Puru that he will die now. Puru says let us see, runs and gives him a powerful blow on his head and stands. Monster collapses. Pourav citizens jump happily. Bamni and his team rejoices while Darius and his team are shocked.

Next Farsi monster walks in shouting Puru will die now. Puru says let us see if he can even touch him. Monster attacks puru. Puru jumps in air and saves himself and steps on Farsi’s weapon. Farsi is unable to lift is weapon back and struggles. Bamni rejoices. Puru kicks Farsi monster and he falls down apart. Puru throws monster repeatedly in air and defeats him. Pourav citizens rejoice more. Bamni feels proud. Darius’ daughter stands in a shock. Darius says he cannot see his daughter in distress, not to worry they will not be defeated. She asks how will they defeat this young man, if he does not do anything, Faras will feel the defeat. Darius says Faras’ flag will not be lowered as he has kept his trump card at end, he shows big moster and says this warrior will end both this fight and this young man. Huge monster jumps into groundand walks towards Puru. Puru looks very small in front of him.

Precap: Olympia says it is time to know howmuch her move has made Aredius weaker. Aredius shivers holding mug. Farsi monster attacks Puru, and Puru escapes.

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