Porus 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Realizes How Chanakya Tricked Him And Escaped

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Olympia gets ready to leave Takshashila back to Macedoni and tells Alexander that when she will return next time, he should have won whole Bharath. She then gives moral gyaan to Roxanne to take care of Alexander as wife and mother are a man’s strength, if she does not, she may not be a queen for long as Alexander is more fond of Barsine now as she gave him Chanakya.

In Pourav rastra, Puru announces that queen Laachi will pronounce Justice now and whatever she decides will be final justice. Laachi addresses that she will give 7 days to rajmaata Anusuya to submit her evidence and if she does not, king Puru will pronounce final judgement then.

In Takshashila, Ambi raj praises Alexander that he gave brutal punishment to Chanakya. Alexander says he is eager to see Puru’s reaction seeing

his guru’s burnt body and will be afraid of brutal end. Hephastian walks in tensed and says Chanakya’s body disappeared while they were heading towards Pourav rastra.

Alexander reminscing Chanakya’s last deeds, walks to Jhelum rive, dips into water and then walks out and smears mud around his body like Chanakya did and asks Hephastian to throw fire on him. Roxanne worriedly warns no. Hephastian says he cannot. Alexander sees torch nearby and throws fire on him. He does not burn. Everyone are shocked. Alexander then removes mud mask from his face and says Chanakya did all that patriotism and mother land’s soil drama to save himself, he is very intelligent. He checks arrows via which soldiers are killed and says these are jungle made, means those 4 adivasis who took Chanakya’s body helped him. He shouts Chanakya.. Chanakya gets out of river and removes his mud mask. Adivasis help him remove mask from his body. Chanakya reminisces how he could control his breath with ancient yogasana and protect his body with ayurvedic soil and says this is first attack on Alexander, Alexander will be shocked to see his defeat soon. Hepastian angrily shouts he will catch Chanakya back and throw him in front of Alexander. Alexander says no need for that, Porus will get another gift now, instead of Chanakya, Porus will get his brother’s dead body.

In Pourav rastra, Puru assures Anusuya that he is sure he will get evidence soon and prove her innocent. Anusuya says Laaachi fell in dilemma between her brother’s justice and her MIL. Mahanandini asks Laachi if she did justice to her brother. Laachi says she trusts Puru and he will find out truth for sure. Puru tells he knows Laachi trusts him and if he finds evidence against Sumer, Laachi will support him for sure.

Guard serves food to Kanishk. Kanishk sees key bunch, kills guard and gets out jail and walks towards door killing soldiers on the way. Alexander walks in with Hephastian and others. Kanishk gets tensed seeing Alexander..

Precap: Alexander stabs Kanishk repeatedly and says he wants Kanishk to fight for each breath.

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  1. confusing…..how chanakya survived of heats that came from burning fire on the iron bull…..incredible.

  2. Osama Jalaluddin

    Please also keep the role of Chandragupta maurya.

  3. becoz he is so intelligent he used the soil that protects him like a shield its a mask like incredible episode incredible show porus.

  4. Good episode … Directors created dis Alexander character so much intelligent ..
    Ho …precap Alexander kills kanishik ..OK but he is only evidence for Anasuya innocence ..

  5. Alexander got the trick of chanakya very fast …
    Like increase the puru fastness also ..

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