Porus 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishkanya In Puru’s Life

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Soldier gives Faras’ message to Puru. Puru reads it and says Barsin has sent a message that Alexander won 2 battles and now his fight is with Darius next. Bamni says Darius deserves this. Kadika asks why did Barsin sought help from them. Puru says he had promised Barsin to help. Ambhi Raj says he should not. Puru says they don’t forget people’s help, Barsin helped them, so it is his duty to help her. Looks like Alexander is a great warrior, let him see who he is.

Alexander walks among dead bodies and meets queen Ada. He says it is time to fulfill his promise, takes him to balcony and addresses people that he is Alexander, king of Macedonia and has won their country in a war, but he prounounces queen/malika Ada as their queen who will rule over them again. Ada addresses and says

Alexander won war and gave her respect, so she will consider him as her son. Ephastian asks Alexander why did he win with so much difficulty and gifted country to Ada. Alexander says he wants people’s loyalty and not their county to win the world. They will be ready to cut their head for him and will help him win Bharath. He addresses people he promises mother Ada and them all that he will will defeat Darius and soon win Bharath, he will be called whole Asia’s king. Everyone look at him weirdly. Ada tells he has to unlock Gordian lock first and tells its story that a farmer’s son entangled rope and whoever untangles it will win Asia. He says he will unlock gordian lock to win Asia.

Puru and Laachi’s romance starts on boat. Puru thanks her for accompany him when Sumer backed of in fear. Laachi taunts without him, he would not have won anything. He holds her hand and gets more romantic. Ambhi kumar feels sad seeing their romance and walks in. They both see a burning island and discuss something worng has happened there, let us go and help people there. He calls Hasti and asks him to divert boat towards island. They enter island and see it is destroyed totally with fire all around.

Shivdutt takes Kanishk to a dark cave. Kanishk gets afraid seeing snakes all round and small girls. He asks if he brought them to vish kanyas. Shivdutt says he is right, they are vishkanyas and are trained from childhood by feeding them poison slowly. Many die, and whoever can withstand poison becomes very poisonous vishkanya whose bite can can kill anyone. A kid demonstrates by biting apple and it turning blue in poison. Lady vishkanya says Shivdutt they are waiting for him and his ordered work is in progress.

Puru in island tells team that someone has destroyed this island brutally, nobody is saved. Hasti says let us go back on our journey. Ambhi Kumar says Hasti is right. Puru hears someone crying and stops. They hears someone crying under ground and lift cover. They see a girl (probably Vishkanya) crying in fear and pleads not to kill her. Laachi consoles her and lifting her up feeds her water. Girl says she is from tribal group who came to perform and nemies killed them all. Puru says looking around it looks same, but only she is alive, how…Girl gets tensed

Precap: Queen Ada shows Gordian lock to Alexander and says nobody culd entangle this rope. Alexander says that is because it was waiting for him and he will untangle it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Alexander’s part is getting more interesting and I feel like toooo much drama in Puru’s part and it is making me lose interest. Tooo much politics in Pourav Rastra and the stupid Shivdutt and Kanishk not realizing the importance of the situation. Another…….. Ambhikumar turning villain.

  2. Mellu

    huh new entry and new track but this track was uneccessary

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