Porus 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Reveals His Identity

Porus 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bamni expresses his desire to see the warrior’s face who made Pourav rastra win against Farsis. Puru removes his mask. Bamni and his people are shocked seeing Dasyu Puru and shouts Dasyu. People shout Dasyu should be killed. Bamni shouts how dare he is to enter Pourav’s open theater. Puru says maharaj Bamni and his citizens are amazing, they were praising him just a minute ago and now wants to kill him knowing his identity, he does not come anywhere without invitation. Bamni asks to be specific. Shivdutt gets afraid and tells Bamni that he called Puru here by capturing dasyu Sumer so that Bamni can fulfill his promise of catching Dasyu and sit back on king’s chair. Bamni says entertainment is over now, Pouravs won over Farsi, orders to bring Puru to courtyard. Hasti thinks he

will enjoy seeing Puru going against his father, because of whom his father always did not give the love he deserves.

Puru is surrounded by soldiers and takes towards palace. Anusuya hears Puru being taken away and searches him. She reaches palace and searches him. Bamni walks into courtyard reminisces taking oath not to sit on king’s chair until he catches dasyu Puru. He then reminisces Shivdutt’s telling that he tricked Puru and called him here to fulfill Bamni’s oath.

Soldiers take Puru towards courtyard when Shivdutt stops them and says he will take Puru to courtyard. Anusuya reaches palace and continues searching Puru. Shivdutt takes Puru towards prison. Puru senses his intention and says if corridor is so beautiful, courtyard must be more beautiful, says he knows what he is up to and asks where is Sumer. He hears Sumer shouting in pain from adjacent room and runs into it and sees Sumer being tortured by soldiers. Sumer asks him to save him. Puru says Shivdutt that he came here as promised, now he should spare Sumer. Shivdutt says he called him withh another intention and asks to give Anusuya in exchange of Sumer. Anusuya walks in calling Puru. Shivdutt grins seeing her. Anusuya identifies him and reminisces old incidents. Drama continues…

Precap: Shivdutt warn Puru not to forget that he is in Pourav rastra and if he does not submit Anusuya to him, he will kill Sumer. Puru tells Bamni that according to him, it is his defeat as he does not know what is happening in his kingdom

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    This serial is getting more interesting day by day. I love Puru & Laachi! I think that their love story will start after Puru’s mission of rescuing Sumer and finding out about his birthright.

  2. Arpan

    Game starts now.

  3. Barsine seemed extra beautiful. Bamini ? has lost his brain and he is not a good leader. Nothing much in today’s episode.

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