Porus 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Explains His Plan to Puru

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Kanishk gets Puru tied and lashed as per Bamni’s punishment of 50 lashes. He shouts Puru dared to shed his blood, now Puru’s blood will be shed till last drop and orders servants to continue lashing and says Puru will not get sleep or water. He throws water on Puru and asks to lick dirt to quench is thirst. Puru says if he had to kill him, he would have long ago when Kanishk back stabbed him. Kanishk asks what does he mean. He says god has given him brain to think. Kanishk asks servants to continue lashing till 50 and leaves. On the other side, Darius rewards Hasti and says he fulfilled his task, but still Puru’s punishment is not yet complete. Barsin walks in. Darius signals Hasti to leave. He asks Barsin if she wants to ask why he tried to kill Kanishk via Hasti and trapped Puru.

Barsin says if he knows her question, he should answer them. He asks her to wait and watch what he is up to and not question him. Laachi in Dasyu look feels something is wrong in Pourav rastra.

In Macedonia, Olympia walks to Oracle who says she knows what she wants to ask. Olympia says then she should answer her question. Oracle says sometimes our decisions change our fate, she can see Alexander going to a place where Olympia is dreaming of and there, he will find a person whose birth is connected to Alexander’s birth, if Alexander’s motto is to conquer that land, his motto would be protect his motherland. Their fate are related.

Bamni holds injuries his hand holding knife tightly, reminiscing ordering death sentence to Puru and ordering 50 lashes each shift/pahar. Anusuya walks in and stops him. He says he punished Puru as a king, but as a father, he is feeling helpless seeing his son being punished. Anusuya says he did what a king should, it is not his mistake, all this mishap is created by Farsis. Bamni asks why did Puru accept crime and is protecting Hasti. Anusuya reminds that their guru forecasted that their son’s body will be hard like metal, but his heart will be soft, he will be very kind hearted. She says Puru gets emotional so soon and hopes he controls his emotions some day.

Darius walks into jail and calls Puru traitor repeatedly. He taunts this place is so peaceful for Porus before he falls asleep finally, how is he feeling called traitor, his mother is hurt for sure. He touches Puru’s blood and says he got patriotism via his mother, but what did they get from patriotism, their family members tried to kill them, threw him in Jhelum river, his mother lived an insane life begging, now son is on death bed, he will be hanged in the middle of town and considered traitor. Puru fumes, but cannot move. Darius picks feather and says Puru told he cannot take even a feather until Porus is alive, but now he can take whole bird itself, now Porus realized no one in the world can equal him. He challenges Puru that he will not only take away gold sparrow’s feather, but will hunt and scratch until its gold is finished and nobody can stop him. Indians have a disease of love, they love small things, their parents, wife, children, religion, people, this weakness will be strength for outsiders, else Darius would not have been here. Till their thinking is small, someone like him will rule their country. He will be happy see him hanging over a nose. He leaves. Puru gets up and walks reminiscing Darius’ words and angrily breaks steel rods.

Olympia asks Oracle to be specific what is her son’s father. Oracle says Alexander chose name till the world is, but for that he has to pay. If he goes towards east, he will not return to Macedonia and only his name will return, his body will not have soul to celebrate his success. Olympia asks if she wants to say that her son will die in Bharath. Oracle says she did not say he will die in Bharath, he will not return though and warns not to send Alexander to Bharath, if he meets his fate, he will not let Alexander complete his dream, they all meet with a goal and her goal is finished, she is going to Delcey. Olympia stands tensed and stops Oracle, asks her what to do. Oracle asks to close her dreams in her eyes, their desires make their fate and her desire will become Alexander and her fate, if she wants to get dream, she will lose reality.

Precap: Alexander kills people and orders to kill whoever opposes him.
Puru warns Bamni against Farsi who is conspiring big. Bamni asks Darius if Puru is right?

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Seriously King Bamini, are you for real? You are seriously asking that crooked Farsi if he is plotting to take over your country and expects him to tell truth. (re precap)…I don’t know if I can watch Puru being beaten tonight…I will be so sad!!

  2. Ramachandran Aysola

    The episode has few weak links. How come Bamini The king do have his confidential personal intelligence wing to unravel what is happening behind his back. Tellyupdates reasonably supplements online viewing. Narration sometimes quotes wrong reference. It is ok we manage missives.

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