Porus 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni Punishes Kanishk

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Kanishk sees Shivdutt’s body and panics realizing Puru must have killed Shivdutt. He takes oath to kill Puru and wash Shivdutt’s body with Puru’s blood. He asks soldiers where is Puru. Soldier says he with his team went towards royal hall.

Alexander looks at Puru’s ring carefully. Roxanne asks him what is he looking at so carefully. Alexander says his brighter future. Olympia walks in and says she can return back to Macedonia fearlessly now as Alexander’s biggest enemy Puru is dead. Alexander says he does not know if he will win Bharath. Olympia says when he can win so many countries, why not Bharath, she is confident that her son will conquer Bharath and whole world. He then thinks about Chanakya and says that scholar.

Chanakya reaches Takshahila and thinks

his mother land is under Alexander’s grip and it is his duty to free it from an intruder. He writes a letter and says now his duty starts.

Kanishk with soldiers reaches royal hall searching Puru. Puru comes in front and says he was searching him and he is here searching him. He says he wants to punish Kanishk for his heinous acts of insulting his parents and trying to kill them, but he has a better person to punish him. Bamni comes. Puru throws sword towards him and he catches it. Puru asks him to punish Kanishk. Bamni walks down towards Kanishk and provokes him to attack him and says he will punish a disobedient son. He punches Kanishk, and Kanishk’s sword falls down. He then royally trashes him and says if he had punished him when he did first mistake, he would have punished him and gave an example to Pourav rastra to correct their children right away. Kanishk falls bleeding. Bamni then raises sword to kill Kanishk saying Kanishk deserves death. Kadika stops him and pleads to forgive her son and starts emotoinal blackmail. Bamni drops his sword. Puru says Kanishk deserves punishment. Kadika asks if he forgot kanishk is his brother. Puru says he remembers every relationship, but what Kanishk did to his parents, he needs punishment. Kadika asks by killing his brother. Puru says no, Kanishk should be given life time imprisonment and thrown in jail and give an example to whole mankind that a disobedient who tries to kill his parents should die each day. He orders soldiers to throw Kanisk in jail right now. Soldiers drag Kanishk away.

Precap: Bamni announces tomorrow’s sun will see a new king who is competent and will take Pourav rastra to new progress. Alexander promises Chanakya that he will get him Pourav rastra king’s cut head.

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  1. superp wow.

  2. ???not sure why Acharya triggering Alexander

  3. The best part of the episode was Bamani’s cute bun and his words( which to makeout I have to watch the episode again) Anyways I can watch this episode a thousand times…

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