Porus 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Hasti’s Conspiracy To Kill Puru

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In Macedonia, Olympia tells Alexander that Cleopatra is giving birth to Philip’s son and is a threat to Alexander’s dream of throne. Philip angrily breaks things when he hears that Cleopatra gave birth to a girl. His aide says Cleopatra can give birth to a boy next. Philip says what if he dies during Faras battle, who will take care of Macedonia. He then asks aide to call Alexander. Aide asks if he wants to make Alexander as king. Philip says he did not say that, until he returns only Alexander is capable of taking care of his throne. Aide asks if Alexander will return after all this, he considers Philip as biggest enemy. Philip says there is no permanent enemy and friend in politics, send a message to Alexander.

In Pourav rastra, Puru walks out of palace with Anusuya while Bamni

watches them. Puru says he knows what Anusuya is thinking, but she will not regret his decision, in Dasyu lok they will get the respect they deserve. Anusuya says she married her brother’s enemy dreaming of one Bharath. She tells him whole story from her pregnancy to priest telling that she will give birth to a great warrior who can understand other’s pain but is painless, he will be called Purshottam. She continues that Farsi is biggest threat for Bharath and Shivdutt is just a puppet, Farsis will gulp Bharat like a termite, she wants him to kick Farsis out of Bharath. She continues that she lost him in Jhelum river for 21 years and held him imaginarily for 21 years, she realized now that her Puru does not leave any task incomplete, she knows how hurt he is with senapati Ripudaman’s death, he should do his duty by taking Ripudaman’s body to his family and she will do her duty by staying back here and trying to kick out Farsis out of Bharath, she is sure he will return after fulfilling his duty. HGe emotionally hugs her and looks at Bamni and then walks. Anusuya thinks he has to return and she is sure he will.

In Macedonia, Alexander reads Philip’s message to return back. Olympia asks what is the message. Alexander says interesting new, Philip has asked us to return back to Macedonia and take his crown. Lady says she told his future will change. Alexander says Philip insulted him by calling dirty blood, now whole world and Philip will know whaat he is capable of.

Puru returns to Dasyu lok carrying Ripudaman’s body. All dasyu’s gather at Ripudaman’s house. Pratha asks what are they doing here. She is shocked seeing Ripudaman’s dead body and confronts Puru that Ripudaman considered Puru as son more than Hasti, even she fed him Hasti’s milk share, but he betrayed them. He should leave Dasyu lok.

Hasti meets Darius and cries his sorrows. Dararius brainwashes him and says he will tell him how to take revenge from Puru. Hasti shouts he will kill Puru.

During Ripudaman’s last rights puru requests Hasti not to fight, but Hasti beats him brutally. Faroos thinks with Puru even Dasyu lok will be finished and bombs dasyu lok.

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  1. Today’s episode was shaping up episode for both Alexander and Puru. More for Puru. Puru-Anusiya’s conversation was good. Bamini’ says expressions were amazing. Dashyu lok part was very emotional. Hasti’ s mom acted soooo good.

    I am not looking forward for tomorrow’s episode. I love the Dasyu’s. Their cabin set up was good. Do not want to see them destroyed. ???????????
    Hate the Fa rsi’s. want Alexander to destroy them severely.

    Want to see something good out of the Dasyu’s destruction.

  2. Hey, isnt the current track disheartening…..
    now naamkaran is my first preference over porus.just forwarded tje silly parts.?????????????

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