Porus 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Loots Farsi Ship, Laachi Supports Him

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Mahanandini with her dasyu team loots Pourav rastra’s grocery and asks to send message to Hasti that their mission is complete. Laachi requests not to kill Bamni as he is innocent. Mahanandini says her love for Puru is saying this. Laachi requests to trust her daughter’s belief once. Aide informs that they got an information that Hasti was seen touching Bamni’s feet and Bamni hugging him. Mahanandini says Pouravs are betrayers. Laachi says she promised Puru to help him in looting Farsi ship. Mahanandini says Puru broke promise many time, so why should they help him, orders team to move from here. Laachi feels sorry and apologizes Puru for not helping him.

In Macedonia, Alexander performs Philip’s last rights. Cleitus ties Atelus and forces poison into his mouth. Olypmia burns Philip’s

other queens alive. Alexander then bheads Philips toddler child and walks towards royal chair while people chant shah Alexander zindabad. He sits on royal chair while Cleitus bends. Alexander addresses people that his father always wants his son to be his successor and climb new highs, his father wanted to conquer Faras, but his dreams are much bigger, he wants to conquer whole world from east to west, so that people realize his kingdown starts from sunrise to sunset.

Puru gets on Farsi ship and thinks this wealth belongs to his country, he will not let it go even if he dies. He kills Farsi soldiers silently. In palace, Bamni greets happy holi to Darius. Darius says he will hug his relative than business partner today, greets Kadika and Anusuya and prays this new day will bring new happiness in their life. Bamni announces Barsin and Kanishk’s wedding. People chant king Bamni and Darius’ name. Darius smirks at Anusuya. Bamni asks Darius if he wants to address people. Darius says sure and smirking at Anusuya and address people that they say east and west cannot meet, but they proved by this alliance. They should be happy that Bharat is part of Faras now. Anusuya sees Hasti smiling at Darius and thinks why he is acting as if he knows Darius well.

Puru continues fighting Farsi soldiers and says they let him open show them the revolution and slashes them. They surround him and laugh who will save Hindustani now. Laachi reaches and kills Farsi. Puru gets happy seeing her. She snatches sword from Farsi and throws it on Puru. Puru catches it kills more soldiers. Dasyus also barge in for help. Puru looks at Laachi and says he knew she would come, but did not know so late. She says she was checking if he can snatch sword from Farsis, she means even today he needs her. He says yes, Soldiers attacks. Puru strangulates him and smiles looking into Laachi’s eyes.

Hasti silently looks at Barsin while Kanishk flirts with Barsin and offers her bhang. She refuses. Hasti fumes in anger. Anusuya calls him and asks where is Pritha, she did not come yet. He says he is waiting for her. He says he will check and come. Anusya thinks he is lying.

Puru with Dasyus continue killing Farsis. Mahanandi comes. Puru says Laachi told she does not trust him, he is thankful to her for trusting him. Mahandini says she came for Laachi’s belief and hopes it does not deter. Laachi says Puru told he will loot Farsi wealth and give it to Dasyus, he did it. Puru says why will he betray the place where he is bought up. Mahandini says Pourav always betray, earlier Ripudaman hid the fact that he is Pourav senapathi, now Hasti came to cut Bamni’s hand, but touched his feet instead. Puru is shocked. Laachi says Hasti had come to kill Bamni as per plan, but he changed it. Puru is more shocked and asks how can Hasti to this. Mahanandini says because Hasti does not have option and he wants to take revenge from Puru. Puru reminisces Hasti’s buttery talks and says Hasti did not kill Bamni and touched his feet instead, he is up to something which we cannot think. Laachi asks what must be his plan.

Precap: Hasti warns Anusuya to move from his way, else he will kill her. He attacks Anusuya. Anusuya reattacks him and says she will not let him go until Puru returns. Hasti says he is bought up in Dasyu lok and nobody can stop him, drops sword rack on her and leaves. Puru gets stuck between people and hopes Hasti does not do anything wrong and insult Ripudaman’s teachings.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Truth is coming out earlier than I thought ??Haven’t seen the episode yet. Just read the update

  2. Yvonne Codner

    It’s good that the Dasyus helped Puru and they have learnt the truth that Puru has not deceived them, let’s hope they find out soon that Hasti is the one who brought the Persians to Dasyu lok to wreaked havoc on the people. Did Hasti dare to hurt Anasuya? he will certainly get what’s coming to him. He should know that Puru does not leave any job incomplete so he better beware.

    Thanks, MA for the update I am commenting without seeing the episode…but it is quite detailed!!

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