Porus 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Stuffs Chanakya into Burning Steel Bull

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Puru/king Purshottam asks queen Laachi to explain her point. Laachi says her brother Sumer dasyu prince was murdered by Anusuya as she thought Sumer is a traitor and with Alexander’s help tried to kill Puru, but the truth is he was trying to protect Puru. She continues that if Anusuya has proof, Puru can punish whole dasyu lok, but if she cannot show proof, Puru has to do justice to her brother.

Alexander in front of all Takshashila citizens orders Hepastian to bring Chanakya for punishment. Olympia asks him to punish Chanakya soon, she cannot wait. Hephastian brings Chanakya. Ambhi kumar sees Chanakya smeared himself in mud and says he did not see Chanakya like this before. Ambhi raj comments Chanakya is paying for his sins and is a traitor, he will be punished brutally. Citizens discuss

Chanakya is being punished in his own motherland, they cannot see that. Alexander addresses people that they all will see a traitor end and Chanakya’s brutal punishment will be an example for all the traitors in the future.

Puru asks Anusuya if she has any proof. She says yes and says she saw Sumer filling holy ask in pot and Puru was bitten by scorpion from same pot. She even saw him walking suspiciously many times and caught him redhanded. She saw him trying to attack king Puru and failed his attack once, but when he tried to attack Puru again, she tried to stop him and he got stabbed by mistake. Laachi asks if anyone saw it other than her. Anusuya says no. Laachi says that means Anusuya is just expressing her thought and killed innocent sumer, what if someone would have seen like her, Anusuya would have herself proved her/him wrong.

Alexander orders Hepastian to put Chanakya in burning steel bull. Chanakya thanks his people for what they gave him and gets into bull. Hepastian burns wood under bull. Chanakya shouts from inside. Alexander happily boasts this is how traitor’s end will be.

Laachi tells Puru that Anusuya herself proved that her brother was a patriot and she killed him just in doubt without having solid proof. Puru asks Anusuya if she wants to defend her. Anusuya says she just dreams about united Bharath and even went against her brother for it, she fought her whole life for united Bharath and hopes Puru will do justice.

When Chanakya stops shouting, Alexander considers him dead and orders Hepastian to take out scholar’s body. Hephastian takes out Chanakya’s body.

Precap: Puru addresses that he heard both Laachi and Anusuya’s points and before pronouncing judgement, he wants to do something.

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  1. I think Chanakya is alive …he will reach puru soon

  2. yes ur right I also think so chanakya is really going to be alive superp episode superp show porus.

  3. Aditya Tripathi

    If this thing would happen Historically it would be wrong.
    Because Chankya was died After Ashoka regime and during Alexander invasion Chandragupta Maurya was king in Magadh Empire.

    1. U r also wrong…. Bcoz during alaxender invasion dhananand was magadh king and chanakya and chandergupta were in takshila…..
      And chanakya died during king bindusara time

  4. He is not dead… He will reach Puru soon… Only waiting to see what Puru is going to do now…

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