Porus 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander’s Journey To Conquer World

Porus 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru lifts Ripudaman’s dead body and walks. Jhelum river speaks that she can feel the pain Puru is going through. He lost the person who showed his identity.

In Macedonia, Olympias takes Alexander to a magical place. Alexander asks where did she bring him, it is weird and even leaves fluttering sound is weird. Olympias says this is a place where people come to find their identity. They both walk in. A lady comes and says a person who will write destiny has come to know his destiny. Alexander says he knows his destiny but wants to know its route. Lady calls him Zeus’ son and says he will walk on a path which is vast and he will lose his age walking on it. Alexander says he is on a path to carve his name and can do anything it takes. Lady says it is very difficult path. Alexander

says he is ready to face any difficulty to reach is destiny. Lady takes him to desert and says he has to sacrifice his relationships and kill whoever comes on his way, even animals and birds. She told he has chosen a very difficult path.

Alexander pulls his sword and says he does not want to take a path which is not difficult, walks a bit and cuts cactus plant, and continues walking. He sees scorpion and smashes it with his feet. He then sees a hawk flying above him and kills it. He walks further and sees a wild boar and kills even it. He sees a crying baby next and reminisces lady’s words that his hands should not shivering while destroying anything that comes his way. He kills even baby.

Puru takes Ripudaman’s body to Jhelum’s shore. In flashback, Darius orders his sharp shooters`shoot arrow on him. He warns Darius that Puru has returned to his family and soon he will kick out Darius from Bharat, it is better he himself get out. Darius orders to kill him, and shooters shower arrows. Puru removes arrows. Laachi says they have to take Sajjan uncle’s dead body to dasyu lok. Puru says baba’s family is in dasyu lok, so even he will stay there. Laachi says his real family is here, how will he leave them.

Back In Macedonia, Alexander sees a lion and kills it. He then sees his favorite horse and slits its throat closing his eyes. He sees his best friend who smilingly greets and hugs him. He slits even his best friend’s throat and walks further. He sees Olympias standing smiling and saying Alexander, my son. He kills even her and she falls down. He walks away crossing her body and loudly saying he is the god and king of world, Alexander.

Precap: Philip orders to call Alexander to win Faras. Lady says Alexander she told Philip himself will call him, now it is his turn to take a right decision. Anusuya tells Bamni that Darius is b behind all their problems.

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  1. Finally that real face of that disgusting Darius will come out. i hate him and his plans.

  2. Nothing interesting today. My eoisode viewing time was less than 3 minutes. Fast forwarded almost everything. They showed us how Ripu was killed but anyone other than the viewers know this ? Not very clear or may be I forwarded the part.
    Alexander’s part was a mess today.

  3. How can someone be so ruthless for throne…. Hate alexander, learn from puru what are values. Even if alex is world conquerer i dont think it is not ideal to call alex ‘great’????

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