Porus 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Informs Puru About Shivdutt’s Sins

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Puru and Laachi walk into Pourav rastra disguised as old couple. Shivdutt stops them. They get tensed. Guard gives them entry ticket. Shivdutt says without this they cannot stay in Pourav rastra. Puru thanks him and leaves saying he will be careful hereon as he has to stay in Pourav rastra. Shivdutt sees someone carrying fishes and reminisces Sumer telling if he has seen fishes kept on one another like a cross, Puru has entered Pourav rastra as it is Dasyu people’s signal to each other. He searches Puru everywhere and tells Kanishk that his doubt was right, Puru is here. Kanishk fumes and shouts Puru always spoils his plans, this time, don’t know what he is up to and what problems he will create. Puru removes his beard and mustache and tells Laachi his motto of making Shivdutt realize his

presence is complete, now he does not need to disguise, he wants Shivdutt to search him. They have to find maa before that.

Chanakya reaches Pourav rastra and gives a gold coin to guard on boat. Guard asks reason for coming. Chanakya says he comes every year to watch annual festival here and this time he will be happy to see the most competitive king ruling Pourav rastra who will take Pourav rastra to new progress. Guard punches seal on a cloth and gives it to Chanakya. Another guard checks Chanakya’s bag and lets him go seeing books in his bags. Chanakya steps on ground and exchanges his bag and signals boat driver, then thinks he has to find Puru now.

Ambhi raj asks Ambhi Kumar find out who blasted bridge. Knife passes just next to him and hits wall. Alexander enters and pointing sword on his neck says he did not miss target and spared him so that he can tell truth. Ambhi Raj accepts that he did not blast bridge. Alexander asks who threw bomb between him and Puru then. He orders Hephastian to get Puru’s body out from river. Divers get different bodies. Alexander orders Hephastian to get out Puru’s body by evening even if he has to send 1000 divers into river.

Puru with Lachi disguises as dancers and entertain people. Shivdutt searches Puru among dancers and misbehaves wit them. Puru notices it and tells Laachi that Shivdutt is searching them, they have to escape from here and find out maa soon. Someone touches Puru from behind. He switly points knife on his neck and stops seeing Chanakya, apologizes him. Chanakya says he would have felt if Puru had not been alert, a warrior should always be alert. He tells Puru that after Bamni escaped from Takshila, a lot happened and tells him how Shivdutt insulted Anusuya and threw her in brothel and insulted her even there. Puru fumes in anger and says he would not feel guilty killing Shivdutt now as he insulted whole womanhood.

Shivdutt meets Chanakya. Alexander warns Ambhi Raj if he does not find Puru’s dead body, he will make Takshashila a graveyard.

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  1. one more entertaining episode of show porus terrific performance by Puru and lachi and Alexander what a voice by porus just highly terrific. what u all think about it.

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