Porus 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Decides to Take Anusuya Back to Pourav Rastra

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Puru walks to Anusuya and asks if she knows Ripu. Anusuya continues that they wil burn her child. Puru insists. Anusuya reminisces Shivdutt trying to kill Ripudaman, her child and her. She panics Ripu..Ripu…she does not know who he is. Puru consoles her and says soon she will remember.

In Macedonia, Alexander eats food and asks Olympia to not show her anger on food. She says she already finished her food. He says this is the first time she finished food without him. She says someone else is dear to him than her now. He says she wants him to become king and he is using his way to become king. She continues her anger. He calms her down.

Puru makes Anusuya sleep and sits with Lachi. Laachi asks what is he thinking. He says he brought this woman here so that she can get back her

memory and unite with her family, he is confused why she called baba as Ripudaman. He feels he is related to this woman/Anusuya somehow. On the other side, Pritha says Sajjan that their past is haunting them again, Puru brought his own mother here unkowingly. Sajjan says he has to wait until mahrarani Anusuya gets back her memory, he has to do his duty as a senapathi/commander. Pritha says even she will not back off from her duty as senapathi’s wife. Laachi consoles Puru on the other side with her soothing words.

In Macedonia, Philips struggles for his life. Alaxender orders doctor to do whatever he wants to and cure Philip soon. Aredius and his mother angrily watch it. Mother says Alexander is playing dirty game to get throne and they have to fail his plan. Olympa lip reads and thinks she knows what they are talking about, she will not let them succeed.

A boy comes and gives a wooden box written Porus written on it, saying he found it on shore. Puru opens box and says Sumer is being captured in Pourav rastra. Lachi says she will inform her team and will go and free Sumer. Puru stops her and says they have very small team and Pourav soldiers will smash them easily. She asks if she should leave her brother to die. He says no, Pouravs need him and he will go thre for the battle. He says now he realized why fate united him with Anusuya, Anusuya’s fate is taking her back to Pourav Rastra. He asks Laachi to inform everyone that he is taking Anusuya to reunite with her family and will also free Sumer

Precap: Hasti says it means Puru is maharaj Bamni’s son, now he will expose Puru’s truth in front of whole Pourav rastra. Laachi sees off Puru and he leaves in boat.

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  1. I know this serial does not have too many fans as other serials I have watched before like Chandra nandhini or siya ke ram.
    But there is a magic in this serial I like. The background music is awesome. It is very slow but I like it.
    Today Alexander and Queen Olympia scenes were the best. I expected that Puru will go to Pourav Rastra. I am disappointed that Hasti is being stupid and not thinking. May be he will turn into a life long enemy of Puru. Will see what is going to happen ?

  2. Love the wooden cabins of the Dasyu’s ..

  3. I like this serial …..all characters are good…good going….puru and Alexander both r good

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