Porus 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru is Surprised To Hear Bamni and Anusuya Are His Parents

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Puru gets happy seeing Anusuya, runs to her and emotionally asks if she is alive, if she remembers what king Bamni did to her. She says she got back her memory and remembers everything. Puru runs towards Bamni and says he deserves death for trying to kill Anusuya. He blows sword on Bamni and is about to kill him when Anusuya shouts to stop, king Bamni is his father. Puru is shocked hearing that and returns to Anusuya. Anusuya says she is his mother. Puru gets more emotional. Anusuya emotionally touches Puru and hugs him. Bamni silently watches them. Darius orders Moses to inform their sharp shooter to back off, they will be in trouble else. Anusuya then looks at Bamni and walks to her reminiscing their younger days. He hugs her and asks where was she all these days. They both look at Puru.

Shivdutt stands tensed. Bamni angrily asks Shivdutt to assemble in courtyard. Moses tells Darius that fate on not their side and they are feeling defeated repeatedly.

Laachi tells Puru that Ripudaman/Sajjan uncle is his foster father and army chief of Bamni who protected him from Shidvutt all these years and left his world for Puru and kept him in Dasyu lok all the while. Puru says though Bami may be his biological father, he considers baba/Sajjan as his real father and will never leave him, let us go and search him. Laachi says she will search Sajjan, he can go to courtyard as he is prince now. Puru says baba/Sajjan thought not to forget past, he will not.

Puru attends courtyard. Bamni takes king’s seat and asks Shivdutt to repeat the words he told years ago. Bamni says when Bamni came out of coma, he told Anusuya killed their son to take revenge from him and jumped into Jhelum river. Bamni asks when he was told his wife and son are dead, how are they alive now. Shivdutt stands speechless. Bamni says Anusuya knows this answer and asks Anusuya what happened that day. Anusuya tells him whole story. Bamni asks Shivdutt why did he lie. Shivdutt says he wanted to end Takshashila and Pourav rastra’s connections are seeing Bamni’s insult in Takshashila, only revenge is Anusuya’s death. Bamni warns to call queen Anusuya, when she told whole story, why did he try to kill Anusuya. Shivdutt says biggest truth for him is Takshila and all its citizens are his enemies. He tried to kill Anusuya as he wanted to correct Bamni’s mistake, he will kill Anusuya if he gets a chance again. Bamni angrily pulls his sword.

Precap: Bamni says Shivdutt that Pourav clan does not disrespect women and whoever does it deserves death. He kills Shivdutt. In Macedonia, a lady tells Alexander if he wants to rule the land from sunrise to sunset, he should blood bathe. Alexander says he is ready.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Loved ,loved ,loved??❤????????? today’s episode . Amazing Bamni , Anasuya and puru moments.Finally the much awaited episode is telecasted.Although this moment was much dragged but it just increased our curiosity.This serial is amazing .All thanks to its makers, writers ,cast members and all who are involved.Porus should be 1st in trp rating.Love this show.

  2. Thanks for the update MA.

  3. ??????????loved the episode. Amazing acting.. Puru and Queen Anusiya’s mom-son bonding was awesome. The whole episode was directed perfect. Can’t wait to see Ripu. Puru’s acting was amazing today.

  4. Super epi, bamini expressions are nice. Finally maharani anasuya was back, puru ka prous bane ka n alxendar ko alxendar the great bane ka journey start huwa tha. now story goes to another level. Plz atleast 5 r 6 epi puru, bamini n anasuya ka family moments dikadiji ye ga.

  5. Where is ripudaman n hasti, kuchu to gadabad hai, bamini ne shivdat ko mar rahi hai itna jaldi ho rahi hai e sab. Plz anasuya aur puru ki aur taklif mat dijiye

  6. great epi . where is ripu? he is the reason for everything being in the right place . loved anusuya-bamni hug and puru-anusuya hug . really emotional episode

  7. Rati is just aweaone.. Ya, rightly said sonakshi porus should be in trp rating #1 and yes ofcourse my dearest laksh,character of puru suits u..
    . Hey guy i also watch naamkaran its also a good one dont know of storyline but my secong crush zain imam is awesome also aditi rarhore do try ones in star plus 9pm time slot

  8. Finally the moment! But I missed Kanishk’s expressions when he heard that Bamni is Puru’s father because that makes Puru his elder brother and Kanishk hates him. So I really missed the expression of Kanishk to this all. Hope they will dress Anusuya as queen today really missed seeing women in the pretty jewelry. And where is the second queen? She is also missing from all these events.

  9. Yvonne Codner

    OMG, The King killed his brother for lying (pre-cap). Now the real family has reunited…happiness abound, or so I think…there will be a fly in the ointment (baby prince, Kanishk) He won’t love the fact that Puru is the real heir to the throne, he will continue hating him. Welcome back Queen Anusuya, Bamni was indeed surprised to see you his expression said it all. Can’t wait for next episode. Thank you, Ma.

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