Porus 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya And Bamni Insist Puru To Become King

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Puru walks into Jhelum river and lifting water in hands take Jhelum river’s oath that he will not let intruder Alexander enter further into his country, though Alexander is powerful with huge army, he will flow blood river from Alexander’s army’s blood. He was a dasyu earlier and protected his mother land, now he is a protector and will sacrifice his life or even take life to save his mother land.

Alexander fills wine in his glass. Roxanne tells this country is different and its culture is more beautiful and unique, looks at statue, etc. and says they depict different story. Alexander says she saw so much in a day. Roxanne says when she can see so much in a day, the people who are born must have seen so much. Alexander angrily holds her hand. Roxanne says Porus is so great that

alone he destroyed Asian king’s most army and his determination did not deter, king Alexander himself had to jump into to confirm Porus’ death. Alexander says whoever owns wins war is great, she should realize that, look into his eyes and realize his power. Roxanne says he is trying to force himself on her and going far from her instead. Olympa enters scolds Alexander for risking his life and jumping into river to check if Porus is dead, he is whole Asia’s king and would have ordered some one else and then would have performed Porus’ last rights. Alexander says he wanted to feel his enemy’s death himself and now that his biggest hurdled is cleared, nobody can stop him from capturing Bharath.

Puru continues it is time to protect his moterland and kick out Alexander from his country. Hasti says last time Puru broke his hand to guide him, now he will be with Puru like his right hand. Puru says his motto is to get Bamni’s throne back first and needs acharyaa Chanakya’s guidance. Bamni says they need Chanakya’s guidance. Chanakya says he cannot help if Bamni is king.

In pourav rastra, Shivdutt fumes that Anusuya did not deter even after hearing her son’s death, now when Puru is death, he does not need even Anusuya, pulls knife and throws towards Anusuya. Malay shouts maa…Anusuya catches knife and throws it back towards Shivdutt and warns he cannot harm her at all, but she is waiting for her son to return.

Puru asks Chanakya why he cannot help if Bamni is king. Chanakya says let him explain. Bamni says Puru should be king instead. Puru asks how can he be king, it is Bamni’s right. Bamni ays king’s seat chooses king and not vice vera and reminds when Kanishk forcefully took over as king, he had warned Kanishk that one should be capable of handling the responsibility. Chanakya gives some moral gyaan and says chariot chooses charioteer and not vice versa. Bamni says Chanakya is speaking his mind, he also wants Puru to head their country. Puru says if that is the case, he will take over and his mother will crown him, he will do anything to save his country from intruder Alexander.

Precap: Ambhi Raj confesses Alexander that he did not blast bridge.
Alexander asks who threw bomb between him and Puru then. Anusuya saays her son is not dead and will return soon. Puru rides boat with Laachi and says mother he is coming back.

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  1. superp superp heads off to the idea behind this superp episode super great show porus what a talent in this show all the actors are super talented puru Alexander and all actors I am so happy to see this entertaining episode and the show super show porus what u all think about the very soon to be a king porus.

    1. Yvonne Codner

      I am so anxious for him to return to discipline Shivdutt…It will be hell when Puru reaches home and sees what he has done to his Mom.

  2. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    Laksh did an amazing job??????????????. Today’s episode entirely belongs to Laksh. Laachi’s expressions were superb. The little Malay was sooo cute showing his anger. I totally enjoyed the episode. Still could not figure out the NO EXPRESSION FACE OF Roxanne. I wish they had a different person for the role. Rohit is sooo good and next to Rohit her acting skills are nil. This is just my opinion.

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