Porus 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru With Other Crown Princes Heads Towards Faras

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Alexander enters a room. A masked warrior attacks him. He fights with warrior and defeats her. Warrior falls down and reveals she is a woman and a ex-queen of Faras. He says he came to meet queen Ada and hopes she is the queen. Queen says a warrior’s blood is still running in her body and another warrior should not be lenient, she knows he has come here to conquer. Alexander says he like stalking to intelligent people, he knows her brother betrayed her and snatched her crown, if she shows him way to enter city, he will give her what she deserves. She gives him black stone and says this is answer for his question. If stones can block water, what will water do to city’s walls. Alexander reminisces seeing waterfall near walls and walks away seeing after this war, he will meet her.

Bamni announces

that he has decide to send Puru to Faras to know Alexander’s war tactics, but he will not go alone, it is time for young generation to move forward and each dyanasty’s crown prince will accompany Puru as they are the future kings who will protect their motherland. Her requests them to accompany Puru. Ambhi Kumar says he is happy to accompany Puru. Hasti says he is not crown price of any dynasty, but he will accompany Puru wherever he goes as per his promise made to Puru. Pritha stops her. He asks not to stop him as he is just fulfilling baba/Ripudaman’s wish. Bamni asks Dasyuraj his opinion. Dasyu raj says till now we looted them, now we will not move behind. Sumer hesitates. Laachi comes forwards and says she will accompany Puru. Bamni asks if she knows the risks being a girl. She says a woman risks her life and gives birth to a child, she is a Dasyu where raja and rani rule together, she is ready to go. Bamni asks Kanishk to come forward. Shivdutt says both princes cannot go as someone is needed to protect Pourav rastra. Bamni says he is there. Shivdutt says Kanishk can stay here and prepare army to be ready to face Alexander’s army. Puru says Tauji is right, both brothers will protect motherland. Bamni agrees. Shivdutt, Kadika and Kanishk relax. Bamni says Vijay bhava followed by Anusuya and others. Puru says let him see who is Alexander who wants to rule my mother land.

Anusuya does Puru’s aarti while Ambhi kumar, Laachi, and Hasti’s mothers perform their aarti and wish them to return safe. Anusuya says she knew when her son will grow, he has to go away, but she did not see his childhood at all. Laachi hugs Mahanandini and says nothing will happen to her as she has trained her. Mahanandini asks to take care of her. Father says he is proud of her and everybody cannot be courageous like her, looking at Sumer. Laachi says she is doing this for dasyulok and touching her parent’s feet takes their blessings. Hasti promise Pritha that he will return safe. Ambhi raj tries to stop Ambhi kumar. Ambhi kumar says he wants to contribute in Puru’s dream of united Bharath. Ambhi raj suggests flowing air cannot be in same direction. Mother gives him moral gyan to be always on a path of truth. Shivdutt tells Kanishk that in politics, they should not let know other what is in their mind, once Puru leaves, he will show what he has already planned.

In Faras, Darius addresses his people that he has returned and will assure that Alexander returns back empty handed as he does not know he has put his hand in tiger’s mouth, they all will use their power and crush Alexander. He wants a soldier from each house who can lift sword for their country, he will head this war himself and will kill Alexander. He orders Mauses to inform Alexander that he wants to fight with him in Isus battle and show him Faras’ powers. People chant Faras…Faras..Barsin thinks something wrong will happen and hopes Puru got her message.

Puru touches Bamni’s feet. Bamni wishes him victory. Soldier informs him that he got a message from Faras. Puru reads it and looks tensed.

Precap: Bamni says what he heard about Alexander, he seems to be a cruel king. Puru let him see with whom his fate is linked to. Laachi and Puru see accident on sea shore and decide to help people.

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  1. Finally show have a new story. I can’t wait because now a real and interesting story begins. I can’t wait at meeting between Porus and Alex. This is all on what i was waiting for. I can’t at chemistry between Laksh and Rohit.

  2. I liked the part where Anusuya appreciated Laachi’s brave decision going with Puru by her expressions.

  3. Mellu

    overall nice episode , excited for the coming episodes

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