Porus 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Kills Bessus And Proposes Ruksana For Marriage

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Kadika pleads Kanishk not to become evil for power. Kanishk shouts at her to shut up. Shivdutt walks in and says a king should show his power on his citizens and keep them frightened. He shows order to execute ex-king Bamni and asks to sign it. He signs it. In jail, Bemni hits his hands on wall and feels guilty for not trusting Anusuya and trusting Shivdutt instead. She says he always did justice to all and did not distinguish between common citizen and family, she is sure their son Puru will come to help them out. Their emotional chat continues and with great difficulty they extend their hands till wall end and hold each other’s hand. They hear messenger announcing tomorrow king Kanishk will pronounce death sentence to ex-king and queen.

In Bactria, Alexander with his Hephastian and Olympa

enters king Bessus’ royal court. Bessus gets up as a gesture of respect and welcomes him and thanks for accepting his friendship. Dancers dance around them. Bessus introduces his loyal Oxyrates to Alexander and says Oxyrates can sacrifice his life for me. Rukshar thanks Alexander for accepting her request. Alexander says he wants to give something in return and pulling his knife throws it on Bessus. Bessus falls down bleeding. Alexander walks to him and says he does not know value of friendship and enemity and does not have right to live, Darius was his enemy but Bessus’ friend, Bessus betrayed Darius and killed him to befriend Alexander, he can betray even Alexander. Bessus dies. Alexander declares Oxyrates as Bactria’s new king and says he likes someone can run the country on his orders. Dancers start dancing again.

Alexander walks to weeping Ruksana and asks if she does not want to celebrate her father becoming king. She says Bessus was a good king for his citizens and she is mourning his death. He says she should forget the past. She says she cannot and tries to leave. He holds her hand and says he did not come to take her opinion, he came to inform her that he wants to marry her. She says she does not want to marry a man who killed her king and can change his colors anytime.

Bamni and Anusuya are brought into royal court. Kanishk says he wants citizen also to see his judgement and says Bamni was a lame king who was blind behind his wife Anusuya and took many wrong decisions, which harmed their dynasty. He calls Bamni by his name and asks if he accepts his crime. Bamni says yes. Anusuya gets worried for Bamni and tries to stop him. Bamni says he accepts the mistake of trusting Shivdutt and thinking Takshashila as enemy, inviting foreigners to do business in his dynasty, he made a mistake by taking care of his son like any other father and protecting him, treating him when needed and not teaching him he should not harm others, when he held him in his hand for the first time, he was so joyous and spent his life in taking care of son, he did many mistakes. Tears roll down Kanishk’s cheeks. Shivdutt gets worried thinking his plan is failing..

Precap: Kanishk orders soldiers to kill Anusuya and Bamni right now.
Soldier raises sword to kill them when Puru enters and holds sword. Chanakya’s entry in the show.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wao…. Chanakya entry in Porus….. Eager to watch…

  2. Wao… Chanakya entry in porus…. Eager to watch

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  4. Mystery

    Alexander is in love with Roxanne

  5. I personally find Alexander a very smart person… And trust I don’t like the actress playing Ruksana.. Alexader’s wives were most beautiful girls.

    I don’t get why The makers don’t cast nice heroines?

    1. Cutiepi_ Anya

      I agree with u

  6. Puruuuuuuuu!!!! My heart beats for you???? Chanakya entry… Wow???

  7. Nice episode. ??

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