Porus 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Falls Into River After Bridge Blast

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Puru standing on bridge continues killing Alexander’s soldiers. Alexander stops soldiers and orders them to back off. he himself walks on bridge to fight with Puru. Puru reminisces ordering Laachi to blast the bridge as he wants Alexander get busy in building bridge, he can go to any extent to save his motherland. Laachi throws fire bomb and blasts bridge, this she would not have done this if Puru would not have taken promise. Puru flies in air and falls into water unconscious. Alexander shouts Puru cannot die so easily and jumps into water with Hephastian to get Puru. Jhelum river speaks that years ago Puru came into her arms and even today he came, if he had not tricked, how he would have stopped war and saved his motherland, this is start of a long war between Puru and Alexander instead. Alexander

and Hepasitan try to catch Puru, but he slips down.

Laachi saves Puru and gets him out of river. She says he should thank Dasyu lok where he learnt to hold his breath for long in river. He does not open eyes. She gets worried. He opens eyes and laughs. She angrily asks whgy did he joke. He says they reap what they sow and reminds Laachi played same prank once. She emotionally hugs him and asks what if something had happened to him. Puru says until Laachi is with Puru, what will happen to him. Laachi asks why did he got bridge blasted and convinced Alexander that he is dead. Puru says it will give him sometime to replan and Alexander not reach Pour rastra even if he wants to. Puru then gets romantic with her. She stops him and says Alexander is very intelligent and jumped into river to confirm until his men dragged him out of water. Puru says he sensed it beforehand, Alexander does not know that Puru is also a Dasyu and can be in water for long like a tortoise, good Jhelum maa did not kill Alexander, else whom he would have taught a lesson.

Alexander’s men pull him up and do his CPR. He wakes up. Hephastian thanks god and asks if he is fine. Alexander wakes up and looks at Ruksana. On the other side, Hasti meets Puru and asks if he is fine. Puru says yes, where is he/she. Hasti takes him along. Alexander addresses his people that he is fine, nothing can happen to their king as he is god Zeus’ son and himself a god, gods don’t die, so Alexander will not die. Soldiers chant his name.

Precap: Laachi tells Bamni that they were worried for him after Ambhi Raj’s betrayal, how did he reach here. Bamni points at Chanakya.

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  1. just one thing to say tremendous job puru Alexander and all the actors great episode of greatest show porus.

  2. Nice episode. Feel good episode. Looks like Puru will defend himself from Alexander rest of the episodes. Will see. But I like the team of PURU ,Laachi ,Bamni ,Hasti and Acharya. Will be interesting to watch

  3. Missing heroism in Puru.. Alexander kills all elephant I feel bad…
    I want to see smart Puru

  4. Watched a feel good episode after many days… The much awaited Puru Lachi romance was ??? Puru’s acting skills make him special… The whole cast makes us live the story. ???

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