Porus 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanishk And Sumer’s Conspire To Kill Puru

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Chanakya confronts Alexander that whole Bharath is his home and once all Bharati’s unite, they will kick out Alexander from their motherland. Hephastian shouts how dare he is to insult Alexander the great and extends sword to stab Chanakya, but Alexander holds his hand. Olympia warns not to fall for Chanakya’s words and kill him right now. Alexander says scholar boasted that Bharat is his home and united Bharat will soon be a reality, who will make it, the one on whom he has so much confident will be killed by his own family.

Bamni asks Puru not to worry, he will inform when Chanakya and Hasti will return, good nothing wrong happened till now. They both hear guards discussing another guard did not return since long, he was outside Kanishk’s cell. Puru gets suspicious and rushes to Kanishk’s cell and turns him. He and Bamni are shocked to see guard instead of Kanishk. Bamni says guard is being poisoned like Puru was poisoned with scorpion, Kanishk must have done this and someone is helping Kanishk. Puru says Kanishk has escaped with Alexander’s help. Bamni says Alexander will not let Puru’s marriage so easily.

Sumer meets Kanishk and says Puru escaped again, how will they kill Puru now. Kanishk says Puru’s wedding will be a boon for them, when everyone are busy in wedding rituals, they will attack Puru and blame someone else. He calls his supporters and says they all want him to become king again and can go to any extent. He orders them to surround Puru during wedding, Sumer will find a chance and klll Puru. He gets happy it is time to take revenge from Puru now.

Puru walks into Laachi’s room while maids dry her hair. Laachi sends maids away. He says she must be eager for the big day. She says even he must be. Puru continues his chat and informs that Kanishk has escaped from jail with Alexander’s help, he will be attack repeatedly from hereon. Laachi asks if he is trying to frighten Dasyu kumari, she is ready to face risks and together they will and see who will stop their marriage.

Precap: Anusuya kills Sumer. Laachi says king Purshottam, she needs justice for her brother.

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  1. great episode.

  2. Chanakya speech is nice …but sumer a big wrong act …I don’t understand why he was against puru he dint get anything by doing dis ..and he releases kanishik so if anything happen to puru he will become king not dis Sumer … Unnecessary he was stabbed by Anasuya …becoz of his fooling act ..poor laachi and dasyu Rani and Raja will get the pain …all will get sad ..

  3. So this was the whole plot of writers to drag the series before the epic war between puru and Alexander. To make laachi and dasyus against puru and pourav kingdom.so Puru will fight alone against all the odds to beat Alexander.well anusuya isn’t wrong to kill sumer..such traitors in family doesn’t deserve to live like shivdutt. I hope ambhi Raj also face the same death.at least laachi should be smart enough to realize that Rani anusuya did what she had to do.even laachi now against puru he won’t help Alexander. Laachi and dasyus are not traitors of country like ambhi raj

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