Porus 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Challenges Bamni

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Puru takes Laachi to river shore and asks her to return back to Dasyu lok. She says she came here to fight along and support him. He says he is going to kill Bamni and there will dire consequence, he cannot risk her life and cannot live without her. Laachi says even she cannot live without him and does not care about consequences. Puru explains her emotionally. She does his tilak and prays for his victory. Puru leaves smiling at her while she sees his leaving sadly. Ripudaman/Sajjan Singh comes and asks Laachi where is Puru. Laachi asks how did he come here, he was supposed to go to Magadh. Sajjan says he heard Puru came here. Laachi says Puru is in danger and tells him whole story. Sajjan says king Bamni cannot kill queen Anusuya, they have to stop Puru. Laachi asks why. Sajjan says she is

very small to understand, but it is time to reveal truth. Puru walks taking oath to kil Bamni in from of maha kaal/god.

Maha Shivratri ceremony starts and people chant Har Har Mahadev. Anusuya wakes up and sees celebrations. She then gets happy seeing king Bamni, but then fumes seeing Darius with him and thinks what is this Farsi doing here. Kanishk asks Darius if he can take princess Barsin to show rituals from near. Barsin nods yes. Darius says if princess does not have problem, he does not mind. Bamni walks in front followed by Kanishk and Barsin and tehir team. People chant Bamni’s name. Bamni greets them and walks towards Shivling. Anusuya fumes that she will not let this Farsi Darsius stay in her motherland.

Bamni goes on stage on top of Shivling and chants Har Har Mahadev. People also chant Har Har Mahadev. Puru walks in crossing people. Moses tells Darius that Puru came. Darius says more near Puru reaches, more near they will reach towards their goal, today Bharati’s are celebrating and soon we will. Puru walks in front and calling Bamni says if he chants Mahadev’s name, Mahadev will not forgive his sins, he cannot fool Mahadev and Pourav praja after coloring his hands with blood. Bamni says he warned him to go away. Puru says he had to return to expose his truth, address people that their king is a monster who killed his wife Anusuya.

Precap: Puru challenges Bamni for a fight. Bamni accepts his challenge and they both attack each other. Anusuya enters and stops Puru and says Bamni is his father.

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  1. Yassss! Yasss! Can’t wait for this moment and see how the story develops. Kanishk will hate his brother even more and what will Hasti do? And yesss Rati will look like a real queen again. I loved the jewelry and the way they made her hair like tower on her head haha.

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Yes Devisha, this is the real thing…I am feeling so excited to see the development of this story…Queen Anasuya has regained her memory so Puru will no longer feel motherless. How will the King receive her? I am sure he had ordered Shiv Dutt to kill her when her brother deceived her and gave her the poisoned knife to cut his hair. That was when his love for the Queen turned to hatred. As to Hasti, has he been found?

    2. dont know what will happen about hasti but if i am correct in the first promo of the show they showed hasti standing with puru during his war with alexander , may be he becomes the commander of puru’s army

  2. Today another really dragging episode. But I loved all Laachi scenes today. PURU-Laachi as well as Ripu-Laachi scenes. ???

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