Porus 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanishk Escapes From Jail/Hephastian Brings Chanakya Chained To Takshashila

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Puru opens eyes. Anusuya, Bamni, Laachi get happy seeing him. Puru says he is fine now, Acharyaa Chanakya had sense danger beforehand and had given him poison antidote. Bamni asks if he knows who is behind this conspiracy, it is Barsine, she ran away after finishing her conspiracy and is Alexander’s puppet. Puru says as far as he knows Alexander, Barsine is just one small pawn, his plan is something else.

Alexander walks into Olympia’s room. Olympia comments how did king of Asia forget the route. Alexander says he meets her always as a son and he had promised her to give a gift. Olympia gets alert. Hepastian brings Chanakya in shackles. Olympia says she liked his gift, but she wants him to do as she says.

Puru with Bamni walks into prison saying as far as he knows Alexander,

his plan is something else. They see Kanishk sleeping with face turned. Bamni says Kanishk is here itself. Puru asks guards if they saw something unusual. They say no. Bamni says Alexander cannot breach such a high security. Puru walks back saying he is sensing something is wrong. Kanishk hiding under stairs reminisces finding Alexander’s letter to befriend him if he wants to finish Puru and Sumer will help him in his mission. He reminisces changing guard in his place and thinks he can befriend anyone to take revenge from Puru.

Chanakya tied in steel chains is brought into Ambhi’s raj’s court. Ambhi Raj says Chanakya deserved this, be betrayed his country. Chanakya says Ambi raj is a traitor who is betraying his country. Ambhi raj says even Puru says same, they both will be killed soon by Alexander. Alexander walks in with Olympia and Hephastian and orders Ambhi raj to continue his personal issues afterwards and taunts Chanakya that all his plans went in vain, he is tied in chains now in his own motherland. Chanakya says though he is born here, whole Bharath is his motherland, naming all dynasties.

Puru returns back to palace. Bamni says he is relaxed that nothing bad happened. Puru asks Hasti where is Acharya Chanakya. Hasti says he is not seen since a long time after he went behind Barsine. Puru says he himself will go to search Chanakya. Sumer get tensed.

Olympia warns Chanakya to mind his tongue, he is standing chained in front of her son, orders Alexander to behead this scholar and teach him a lesson, let him know what it is to confront her son. Alexander asks Chanakya don’t he think he is a great warrior. Chanakya says he accepts Alexander is a great warrior and achieved a lot in short span, he He must be hero for his country, but for other countries, he is a villain and will he kicked out when whole Bharath unites, united Bharath is not a dream, it will be a truth soon.

Hasti asks Puru to continue his wedding rituals, someone will go in search of Chanakya. Puru asks what if Chanakya is in danger, he is the one who gave him antidote beforehand and saved him, it is his duty to bring Chanakya safely, Laachi’s family will understand his point. He walks, but Sumer stops him and says Acharya had sent a message via his spy to not stop wedding rituals, he will return in sometime. Puru says he trusts Sumer as he is part of family now.

Precap: Hephastian shouts at Chanakya how dare he is to misbehave with king Alexander and extends his sword to stab Chanakya.

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