Porus 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Sends Sumer and Barsine To Kill Puru

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Puru and Laachi’s prewedding rituals continue. Hasti happily watches it with Sumer. Sumer praises Hasti that he wanted to become Dasyulok’s senapati, but became king now. Hasti says he is still Sumer’s old childhood friend and now his relative, they are seeing all this happiness because of Puru. In Takshahila, Roxanne asks Alexander if Sumer will kill his own relative. Alexander says Sumer will kill Porus for sure as he gave him greed of wealth and crown. She asks then why did he send Barsine. He holds her and says he did not tell this secret to his mother, does she think she is more important than his mother to him, he touches her inimately and says he forgets everything but not his insult.

Chanakya closes watches Barsine from a distance. Barsine wathces Puru and Laachi’s

rituals and reminisces Alexander ordering her to kill Puru. She says she cannot kill her friend. He says sometimes parent’s sin are paid by children, now mother will pay for daughter’s sin. He then orders Hephastian to kill Barsine’s mother and sister. Barsine stops him and agrees. Out of flashback, Barsine feeling guilty apologizes Puru in her mind.

Rajguru finishes prewedding haldi ritual and tells Puru tomorrow they will start other rituals. Puru asks when will wedding finish. He says tomorrow. Puru says Laachi if he had known he has to sit for so long, he would not have married at all. Laachi says then they can have gandharva vivah with just changing garlands in temple. Puru says marriage is between families, he cannot deprive family from enjoying watching rituals, now he understood what Laachi wants to explain. Laachi smiles. Anusuya sees Bamni shaking his neck and asks if he has any problem. He says he is and so he is exercising. She laughs loudly. Sumer holding a box thinks Puru’s death is hidden in this box, Puru will die soon.

Sumer walks into prison hiding and throwing letter on sleeping Kanishk opens prison door. Guard watches him. He throws scorpion from box and kills guard, gets back scorpion in to box and thinks Puru will also die similarly. Prewedding wedding rituals continue. Dancers dance on Maha Shambhu…song while Chanakya and everyone watch. Sumer drops scorpion in pot and fills holy ash in it. Rajguru asks to bring holy ash for ritual. Laachi taunts Puru he will look ghost with ash smeared on his face. He reverts back and says she is a dasyu and will not understand ritual. Sumer turns holding ash pot and gets tensed seeing Anusuya. Anusuya asks what is he doing, he is Laachi’s brother. He says he is trying to help in arrangements. She asks not to worry and leaves with pot. She asks Rajuguru to start pooja and gives pot to Puru.

Puru puts his hand in pot, gets bitten by scorpion and turns blue.

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  1. They r just wasting episodes…. Everyone knows alaxender will fail…. Neither puru nor chanakya will die….. Don’t know when will they show d battle of hydaspes

  2. Laachi-puru and Anusuya-Bamni scenes were so cute… I loved them?

  3. Puru-laachi and bamni-anusuya scenes were so cute… I loved them… ?

  4. It shows how many people are jealous of a successful person and why such successful persons need tight security.

  5. amazing.

  6. This episode just” wow”!!!!!!
    Loved it ??????????

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