Porus 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Determines To Kill Bamni And Shivdutt

Porus 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru with Barsin reaches prison and sees soldiers carrying Anusuya’s body. He mistakes it as dead body and shatters. Barsin tries to hold him, but Laach reaches and tries console Puru. Puru cries that he had promised Anusuya to save her, but he failed. Laachi says he tried his best to save that woman. Puru says Bamni killed Anusuya and took his revenge, now he will not rest until he sees Bamni and Shivdutt’s dead bodies. Laachi tries to calm him down, but he leaves angrily.

Darius watches that and tells Moses that Puru cannot see anyone insulting his motherland and smashed our warriors, he will kill his father Bamni smashing whole army. Puru angrily walks shouting king Bamni, he is coming. Laachi stops him and says if he kills Bamni alone, he will be called martyr, people will think Bamni was martyred trying to fight with a Dasyu. Bamni is in mahashivratri celebrations now, so he should go and tell people Bamni’s cruelty, how he made his wife insane and let her roam on streets for 20 years and then killed her ruthlessly. He can kill Bamni when people start hating him. Puru says he will expose Bamni’s truth in front of his people and kill him.

Moses tells Darius that everytime a woman ruins his plans, earlier Anusuya, now this girl ruined his plan. Darius says this girl is actually helping him. Once Puru kills Bamni, his sharp archers will kill Puru with arrows and if he cannot kill Bamni, his archers will kill Bamni and blame Puru, both ways he will win.

Puru and Laachi reach maha shivratri celebration venue and hear people chanting har har mahadev. Laachi tells Puru that people respect Bamni like Shivji, we will kill Bamni at any cost even if we have to lose our life. Puru asks her to come with him. On the other side, Darius tells Barsin that situation is not in their favor, Anusuya was a threat to them and should be killed before she comes in front of Bamni and tells truth.

Ripudaman reaches Pourav rastra shore on boat and thinks it is time to reveal the truth that Puru is Anusuya and Bamni’s son.

Precap: Puru and Bamni fight. Anusuya stops Puru and says Bamni is his father.

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  1. finally some progress in the story , waiting for ripu-anusuya meet and the family reunion . cant wait more . i left watching the show as they were dragging it too much , but atleast here after they should not drag like this

    1. Cant wait too then this series its very delicious and attractive to watch

  2. Exited for precap . Thanks for the update MA.

  3. The precap shown today will be shown next Friday. Too slow show…. Even if I miss a whole week , I don’t miss anything

  4. Wooooow. This is what I felt watching today’s episode. Great performance by Laachi. We are stuck with a very smart villain. Ripu’s entry was good.

    1. so excited!! !!!

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