Porus 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Identifies Barsin’s Intentions

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Alexander returns to Olympias sadly after seeing Philip’s true face. Olympias asks if he saw Philip’s true face. He apologizes. She says she is not born to apologize, now he should accept that he is Zeus’ son and get the throne he is entitled for. Philip orders his team to kill Alexander and his mother if she opposes. Alexander’s friend rushes to him and informs Philip ordered to kill him, so he should run away. Olympia says Alexander will not run away. Alexander says it is better they escape this time. Soldiers surround Alexander. Alexander warns whoever wants to die can attack him.

Puru defeats Barsin again and says now she can take her to mad woman instead of wasting his time. She asks what does he mean. He says he realized her trick when maid murmured something in her ears. She pulls him aside and hides. He asks what now. She shows Bamni and Kanishk walking and says maid informed about Bamni and Kanishk’s visit, so she kept him busy. Moses informs Darius that Bamni left prison and did not meet Anusuya, what is their next step now. Darius says Anusuya suffered a lot, now it is time for her to rest in peace. Moses smirks. Anusuya’s memory returns. She thinks why she is in prison. Someone attacks her and she shouts. Puru hears her shout.

Soldiers attack Alexander and he kills them all. Soldier goes to inform Philip that Alexander is killing all soldiers, but Philip is sound asleep after heavily inebriated. Alexander continues killing soldiers and walks out of palace. Olympias asks where are they going. Alexander says to her brother’s house and when they will return, Alexander will be Madedonia’s king. They ride horse away.

Barsin takes Puru to Anusuya’s prison cell and does not find her. Puru finds Anusuya’s clothes and says he can feel her presence. He hies seeing soldiers discussing they got an order to hide her. He sees them carrying Anusuya’s body.

Precap: Puru confronts Bamni..f

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  1. Thanks for the update MA.Good puru reacted cleverly today .

  2. Macedonia part was entertaining today. Alexander performance was amazing. Nothing interesting to me on the PR. Of course Darius scenes are good to watch due to his amazing acting

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