Porus 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Fails Ambhi Raj

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Bamni requests Puru not to go to meet Ambhi Raj as Ambhi Raj is a chameleon. Puru says he will go and if a son cannot convince his father, it is Poruav rastra’s king’s order. Alexander’s soldier pins down Ambhi raj pointing a sword on his neck. Alexander asks Ambhi raj how dare he is to trick him, his spies are watching in all the time, how could he lie and try to betray him. Ambhi raj says he is a king and knows politics well, his son does not understand, he will send a peace message via Ambhi kumar to Puru and ask him to meet at Nandanvan, once Puru comes there, they can kill Puru. Alexander gets convinced and leaves. Soldier asks Ambhi raj what is his next order. Ambhi raj asks to execute his his already explained plan.

Ambhi raj then meets Ambhi Kumar and asks him to

meet Puru and apologize for his mama/uncle’s mistakes and request him to meet his uncle. Ambhi kumar happily leaves. Takshashila soldiers disguised as Pourav soldiers surround him. Another soldier hits his head from a wooden log. He collapses calling Puru.

Puru reaches Nandanvan with Laachi reaches Nandanvan to meet Ambhi kumar. Ambhi raj points sword from behind and says Puru is trapped now, he will kill Puru now like his mother, he did a mistake by not obeying his father. Puru asks if Ambhi kumar knows about it. Ambhi raj says Ambhi kumar does not know about this and will think Pouravs betrayed and broke peace message. Puru asks him to look behind. He turns. Bamni reaches with soldiers kicks him down. He says his son is a patriot and also can identify traitor. He came here for peace treaty, but before entering wolf’s den, he brought trap along. Ambhi raj laughs that a few soldiers cannot harm him, even a wolf is a king in his place. Puru says 100 wolves cannot harm a tiger. Ambhi raj says Alexander will reach here anytime, they are badly trapped. Puru says he forgot he is standing in front of Pourav rastra’s king, he has already made Alexander’s arrangements, he will not come here.

Dasyu raj tortures Macedonian soldier and ask to reveal what he knows. Dasyu soldier informs that Barsine has reached Hindu Kush valley with Farsi soldiers. Dasyu raj says it is good news, he will inform Puru that Barsine has reached to help them kick out Alexander. Once he leaves, Macedonian soldier frees himself and escapes. On the other side, Alexander gets ready and asks Hepastian if soldiers are ready to head towards Nandanvan. Injured soldier walks in and informs informs that Barsine with Farsi soldiers has reached to help Puru in war against Alexander and is at Hindu Kush valley. Alexander orders Hepastian to head army towards Hindu Kush valley. Once they reach valley, Dasy raj with soldiers throw stone boulders and block way and says now they cannot move further, Puru had made their arrangementes already, now he will weed out traitor Ambhi raj who is hindrance for united Bharath.

Precap: Puru kills Ambhi raj.

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  1. just a big wow.

  2. This is my favourite comedy serial.
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  3. When ambhi Raj will be killed…

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