Porus 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Steps Towards Change

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Puru returns to Anusuya. Anusuya emotionally tells him a mother will be very happy when whole world knows her with her son’s name. She continues that when a mother loses her identity for her child, her life is complete, when she will walk in Pourav rastra’s street, she will be so happy to hear people telling Purshottam’s mother is going. Puru says without gardener, a flower is nothing, he will be always remembered with his mother’s name. He says he know knows Darius’ moves and motto and will soon kick Darius out of Bharath.

Darius scolds Barsin. Barsin cries and says she did not see Puru burning market. Darius shouts he asked her to lie that she saw Puru setting fire to Bamni, all girls are waste and just know to cry, she should get out of his sight, it is better

he gets her married and send her away. Barsin runs away crying. Mauses comes and tells Darius that their men saw Hasti and other Dasyu’s in market. Darius orders him to bring Hasti in front of him soon.

In hideout, Hasti brainwashes Dasyus that he knew Puru would do this, he would destroy Dasyu lok to gain Pourav’s confidence and then he befriended Farsis. Sumer backs him and says he doubted Puru from the beginning, he burnt the house he lived in and is a betrayer. Laachi shouts to shut up. Hasti asks did not she see from her eyes. Laachi says sometimes eyes see different than reality, until she meets Puru and confront, she will not say anything, they will finish the task they came for, until then nobody will talk against Puru. She tells Mahanandini that she promised her to obey her orders, she can order now.

During dinner, Puru and Anusuya walk into dining area. Bamni asks Puru to sit and says he hopes Puru is happy with the decision he took in Farsi market. Puru says satisfied that he took decision for his praja/people’s better. He asks Anusuya and Bamni’s second wife why don’t they sit and have food with them. Anusuya says women get happy feeding family. Puru asks how can a person who cooks and feeds men act like a servant, he will not let his injustice happen, he considers women and men are same, even in Dasyu lok, they consider women and men are same. Bamni’s second wife says this is not dasyu lok, this is Pourav rastra and is a prince, he should adopt to this environment.

Mahnandinii asks Laachi to promise that she will not meet Puru and tell him about their plan. Laachi says she needs to talk to Puru once. Mahanandini says she can only after their mission is complete, if she does not agree, she can return. Laachi agrees and says until her mission is complete, she will not meet or speak to Puru. Mahanandini says they should mingle among crowd and destroy Pourav rastra’s wealth and grocery and find out when will Bamni walk out of his palace on holi day. Everyone chant yes.

Puru tells Bamni’s second wife he understands what she tells, but women’s status will not change anywhere, when god does not distinguish, then why should they, she is a woman and is always superior to men. He makes her sit. Kanishk says this is their age old ritual. Puru says rituals can change and making Anusuya sit says he and Kanishk will serve the persons who serve them. Kanishk angrily obeys. Puru asks to serve maharaj Bamni first. Bamni says whole family will have food together from hereon. Puru says blood bonding doesn’t mean real bonding, he should have food with his business partners, walks away saying he will have food later.

In Macedonia, Alexander walks into bar where Philip’s men are enjoying and asks Thasius to do as he ordered.

Anusuya walks to Puri’s room. Puru says he came from Dasyu lok without informing them, so he should go and meet them once. Anusuya says he should but first should have food and feeds him from her hands reminiscing Puru feeding her when she was mentally unstable. Puru says let me feed her as he knows mother will not have food without feeding child.. their bonding continues..

Precap: Anusuya tells Puru that nobody knows where Darius hides his wealth, they should find out his close aide. Puru says he knows someone. Faroos pins Hasti and says they couldn’t kill Dasyus because of him, Darius is calling him. Hasti says he cannot come as his team is with him. Laachi notices them. Olympia brainwashes Philip’s aide to kill Philip.

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  1. Varshini

    always wanted some emotional scene between puru-anusuya and finally got it . the last scene was sooo emotional . hope laachi gets to know her puru can never do anything wrong… waiting for laachi-puru meet .

  2. Barsin also nice with puru

  3. Loved Prince Purushotam today. All Puru scenes were amazing. Loved Kanisk’s baby expressions today. He really acted very immature like a baby today. Loved her smile- Kalika.
    Last scene of Puru and Anusiya was the highlight of today’s episode. Loved the Macedonia music.
    Off course HATED Hasti. Good luck to Laachi and Puru. Felt bad for Barsine today.

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