Porus 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Raj Plans To Submit Puru To Alexander By Trick

Porus 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chanakya leaves Alexander’s camp after meeting him and giving Ambhi Raj’s message. Puru tames elephant and asks Hasti to bring this elephant tomorrow at war venue and surprise Alexander and his army as they have not seen elephants in war. He then tells Lachi that she has to do something tomorrow. She asks what. He flirts with her and then tells his plan. Chanakya returns to Ambhi Raj and informs that he gave his message to Alexander. Ambhi raj says now Alexander is Takshashila’s friend and would not attack us, now it is his duty to handover Puru to Alexander. Ambhi kumar says this is wrong, Puru saved them many times and he wants to betray Puru, their enemy Alexander is like a wild dog and will attack them anyways. Chanakya says both Ambhi Raj and Ambhi Kumar are right on their own way, it is

up to the person how he explains and sees situation and how opponent imagines it. He asks Ambhi raj if he is clear with his decision. Ambhi raj says yes. Chanakya asks what is his plan. Ambhi raj explains it on map and says when Alexander will cross hindu kush mountain and attack Takshashila, they will take Puru along and acting as attacking Alexander’s arm hand over Puru to Alexander and let Alexander decide what to do with Puru.

Puru meets Bamni and informs him that he is going for waging war against Alexander tomorrow. Bamni says he had to choose between mother and motherland, he chose motherland, his mother will be proud of him as she is the one who taught me the value of motherland and united bharath. Their emotional discussoin continues. Bamni says he is proud of Puru who is a good son and a patriot and gave great respect to him and not like his other son Kanishk who insulted and betrayed him, he is sure he will kick out their enemy from their country. Puru says he cannot see his father weak on bed. Ambhi gives him his royal sword and sits and says his father is still strong. He blesses Puru to be a winner.

Alexander gets ready for war and sees Ruksana walking in. Ruksana says she does not understand why he is eager to win a small province and is conspiring so much. Aleander says she rejected his gifts and supported Puru, she is habituated to gift cut heads and gifted her Darius’ head, now he will gift her Puru’s head as gift. Ruksana says let us see if Puru will accept defeat and force him to leave his country. Alexander says he likes her seeing in his eyes witout fear and confronting him, his love increases for her each day.

Precap: Ambhi Raj orders to send message to Puru that everything is under control and send him towards Alexander’s army. Alexander and his army are shocked to see elephant herd heading towards them.

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  1. Although today’s episode was interesting….but They are showing opposite of history…..because as per the history:-
    ‘ the decision of joining hands with alaxender was of ambhi Kumar and not of ambhi raj….. And when ambhi raj hears about this decision of ambhi Kumar,he dies( reason was either suicide or assissanation by his son ambhi Kumar)….
    And also chanakya oppose this friendship and confront ambhi Kumar……’

  2. best best show best performance by all the actors love for this show and for all the actors of the show best show on TV right now as per the trp ratings as well as the great success and performance not like the other shows daily shows shit and jijaji chatt par hain sitcom shit I am hating that shit jijaji chatt par hain and loving the best one show on TV right now porus . no acting sense in jijaji chatt par hain by its shit actors best acting skills by all the actors of porus puru-alexander lots of love for the show porus and for the excellent performance lots of blessing to porus actors seeya later OK bye.

  3. shit show jijaji chatt par hain loving by black shit peoples not like the best show porus loving by best peoples like me right na.

  4. This show deserves best TRP.
    Then only director also directs better show .
    Otherwise same routine show will come up

  5. Like others in the page said we need to encourage good serials like this rather that stupid family dramas.

  6. I loved the episode today. My superhero Puru was back. Nice conversation between Puru and his dad. Loved it. Alexander- Roxanne scenes – for some reason I don’t like them. Not sure why. Today I loved the whole episode. Ambhi s and Acharya, Puru and his dad were super.
    I would like to know what was Puru whispering to Laachi?
    Who is going to let Puru escape from the trap ?
    I don’t think it will be Acharya or Ambhi Kumar.
    I think most probably Roxanne or Laachi or Puru himself suspects this. I am interested to see how he escapes. After that he and his dad going to Pourav rastra and will straighten things there and Puru will become king or Prince?. I watched the Full episode after a while Thankyou Sony TV

  7. I don’t need ur speech Mr loser I know what is right and what’s wrong get it what I said is right and what u said is wrong.

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