Porus 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambi Raj Plans to Befriend Alexander and Betray Puru Again

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Shivdutt ties Anusuya and pours water on her, looking her with lust. He asks a pimp to look at Anusuya like a pr*stitute with lust and gaze her each body part carefully. pr*stitute pleas Shivdutt to stop insulting their queen. Shivdutt points sword on her neck and warns how dare a pr*stitute is to confront him. He continues insulting Anusuya and pours wine on her body and says her each body will shattered by customers. He throws gold coin in air and walks. Anandita says he cannot deter her determination with his cheap words, a woman’s body can be insulted but not her thinking.

Puru walks towards Ambhi Raj and Ambhi Kumar reminiscing Chanakya’s words that situation does not take much time to change. He hears Ambhi kumar angrily telling his father it is wrong. Ambi raj says he is speaking

to a king. Ambhi raj stops seeing Puru in mirror. Puru walks to them and asks if they are discuss war tactics. Ambhi raj says yes. Puru asks Ambi Kumar why he is angry. Ambi raj says he is not agreeing with his plan.

Alexander looks at Ruksana romantically. Ruksana comments thinking changes with vision. Alexander says that is what he wants to say, when she will understand his love for her. Hephastian enters and says messenger from Takshahila has come and wants to deliver message himself. Alexander fumes how dare a messenger is to cross his limits, kill him first and then read his message. Hephastian stands tensed. Alexander asks why he is tensed. Hepastian says message said same words that Alexander will order to kill him first and then read message. Alexander says he wants to meet messenger personally now, walks out and sees Chanakya standing. They both walk towards each other. Chanakya greets him. Alexander says he does not look like soldier, what is he doing. Chanakya says he was expecting same, if he king cannot read face, he cannot be Asia’s king.

Puru takes Hasti and Laaachi to jungle. Laachi asks why did he bring them here. Puru sees she will know soon and shows her elephant. Laachi asks what he wants to do. Puru says Alexander has vast army with horses, they have to get more powerful animal to defeat Alexander, what else than elephant, till now Alexander and his army have not faced elephant, this will be in their favor.

Percap: Chanakyaa informs Alexander that Takshahila’s king wants his citizen’s safety, he wants to compromise and even submit Puru to Alexander. Puru runs, jumps, and sits on elephant, controlling it.

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  1. another great episode just loving porus show all the more what about u all?

  2. Alexander -Hepastian scenes were good. Alexander – Chanakya ji scenes were tooo good. Puru and Ambhi scenes worth watching. Roxanne spoils Alexander scenes. Puru-Hasti and Laachi were boring. I noticed Puru reading minds of both Ambhi today. Hopefully he did. If not he is going to be in trouble. Good Anusuya is going to turn into Ma Durga. Please if you haven’t watched please skip the first 5 minutes. I am saying it for your goooood ???. But definitely today’s was better than yesterday. I will be happy only when they show ?? king Porus be strong and brave and making smart decisions

  3. I love the brave Puru taking smart decisions. Puru was behaving smartly in front of Amkhi?? I hate Shivdutt scenes… Bamani’s cute stupidity was better then this??When will Puru come??? I want to see Puru karachi scenes… It’s been so long.

  4. Yvonne Codner

    Puru needs to be back in the Parauv Kingdom. Shivdutt is behaving like Alexander, he wants to rule by force plus he has zero respect for women, but I leave him to Queen Anusuya, I am waiting eagerly to see the battle between the both of them. Hurry back Puru!!!

  5. What do you mean by shivdutt is behaving like Alexander??
    Don’t compare shivdutt’s character with Alexander’s. And when the hell did Alex disrespected any woman in this show?
    Infact I find puru’s character going downhill. Too much of bhasanbazi and zero action??

  6. no ur wrong amy mam puru and Alexander both are superp their acting is tremendous no much speech but their is a tons of bravery and passion among them in their role and in their fabulous performance not anyone’s character is going downhill they both are doing excellent job as real king porus and king Alexander sikander. loving both of them and u also have to love both of them they are great as their show porus are great yeah right plz comment on this is am I right or not bye waiting for ur comment OK bye.

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