Porus 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Makes Hasti A King, Alexander Orders Secret Aide To Kill Porus

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Puru shoots burning arrows on Alexander’s army camp tents. Alexander with his team is shocked to see burning tents, looks at other side of river and says Porus has done it. Olympia says it must be Porus’ army. Alexander says it is Porus alone. Puru returns to palace. Anusuya asks where was he, why his clothes are wet. He says he went to give return gift to his opponent king. Chanakya asks what next. Puru says now he will complete his promise made to Laachi, asks Laachi to rethink if she really wants to marry him. She says yes.

Alexander then sees a rope in front of him. Hephastian pulls it and finds a cart with traitor kings’ dead bodies with a letter. Alexander reads letter from Porus that there is a ritual to give return gift always and this is his small gift, he will not

spare whoever tries to eye on his country and will not leave traitors. Alexander says he had many enemies, but Puru is most intelligent and brave enemy so far. He walks with this team to a dark room where someone meets him wearing blanket over him. He then orders to go and kill Puru tomorrow as Puru will not doubt him/her, he/she will get details where and how to kill Puru at South door. Person leaves. Alexander says Porus will not complete his wedding celebrations.

Puru and Laachi’s prenuptial rituaals continue. Anusuya performs their ritual. Rajguru says Waagh pooja completed. Bamni says he is happy for Puru. At river port, soldiers see an unique boat heading towards port and get alert. Chanakya suggests Puru he should send someone to handle other dynasties and not let people panic. Hasti says he will go and control situation. Puru says he will go there not as army chief/senapati, but as a king. Hasti gets emotional and says he wants to be his brother’s senapati. Puru says his brother is capable of becoming king now. Chanakya says a king can better control traitors than a senapati and Hasti should rule under Puru’s guidance. Bamni says Puru knows to take care of his loyals, he is proud of his son. Puru says a child learns good deeds from his parents, he learnt to follow his duty from Baba Ripudaman and to take care of his people from Bamni. Anusuya says Ripudaman would have been very happy seeing his both sons’ success. Hasti says he will be happy to even die for Puru. Puru says that day will not come king Hasti. Boat reaches port. Soldiers see an unconscious woman in it and identify her as Faras princess Barsine.

Alexander enjoys tandoori chicken. Olympia asks him where is Barsine, she is not seen anywhere. He says he sent her away as someone was jealous. Roxanne says he is thinking too much. Olympia asks where is Barsine’s family. Alexander says he knows what he is doing. Olympia says he is speaking to her like a king than son. He says he would have ordered like a queen, but he just shocked her, Porus will not see tomorrow’s celebrations.

Precap: Alexander tells he did not send Barsine to kill Porus, that does not mean Porus will not die, he has made a shocking plan. Barsine asks what is it….

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  1. Today some what suspense ….who is that secret aide …..kanishik is in prison
    …I think may be Queen kadika …
    Helping Alexander against puru ??

    1. Queen kadika is present at puru nd lachi’s ceremony…. So she can’t be alaxender’s aide….
      I think that secret aide is sumer since he is not present in the ceremony…..

      1. May be Sumer. But he loves his sister so much. But he also loves gold. May be Ambhikumar

  2. ur right it is a big suspense what an interesting track what an interesting episode what an interesting show amazing episode amazing show porus amazing actors amazing acting by puru alexander and all right what u all say… I think hasti is going to die for puru for the love for his brother what u all think tell OK….

  3. Really good episode and good decision to make hasti a king ……. Finally now hasti will change his costumes…

    1. Yep. So happy. His costume will change ??????????


  5. I really hope none of my favorite character become extinct from this plot of Alexander. Again there is going to be a painful drama. Laachi will help Puru again to come out of it. I hope she won’t die in the process of saving Puru. I do not like the Sony Roxanne. She is very mean. Right now my no 1 hatred is on Ambhiraj.

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