Porus 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Spares Olympia

Porus 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru sends Olympia towards Alexander and asks him to send Ambhi Raj towards him. They both. Alexander signals soldiers who attack Puru’s soldiers. Ambhi raj runs back. Puru runs behind him. Alexander and his army rush towards Puru’s army to rescue Olympia. Hasti orders his soldiers to attack who attack Alexander’s army with thorned logs and kill them. A log is about to hit Olympia, but Hasti pulls her back and saves her, but takes her along.

Anusuya tells Bamni that she wants to see Puru before dying. Bamni cries not to stay that. Anusuya smiles and says she does nnot have much time left and wants to see her son once.

Puru runs behind Ambi raj. Alexander’s soldier shoots arrow on him and it hits his shoulder, but he pulls and throws it away and attacks Ambi

raj. Ambi falls down. Puru kicks him shouting how dare he is to stab his mother. Ambhi raj tries to escape repeatedly, but Puru kicks him on floor. Alexander with his soldiers surrounds Puru and orders to return his mother, he may spare his life. Puru says return Ambhi raj as promised. Ambhi raj runs away. Soldiers attack Puru, Puru kills them. Hasti and Dasyu raj bring Olympia. Puru asks Alexander to look at that side. Alexander is shocked to see Dasyu raj pointing sword at Olympia’s neck. Puru walks to Olympia and raising sword to behead her, but hits tree instead. He holds her hand and returns her to Alexander and says we Bharatis know to respect their mother and even enemy’s mother and not backstab enemy, he will kick out Alexander from his motherland with his bravery and not by tricks. He lets Alexander take away Olympia.

Rajguru checks Anusuya’s pulse and says it is slowing down, call Puru. Messenger runs to inform Puru. Hasti asks Puru why did he spare enemy’s mother. Puru says it is not their culture. Messenger informs Puru that Anusuya’s condition is deteriorating. In palace, Bamni starts havan to save Anusuya. Anusuya asks Laachi to call Puru, she does not have much time. Laachi hopes Puru to come soon and tells Anusuya nothing will happen to her. Anusuya says Bamni’s will is keeping her alive till now and asks Bamni to stop now. He stops. Laachi asks him to not stop. Puru reaches with Hasti and Dasyu raj.

Precap: Anusuya tells Puru it is time for h er to go and breaths her last. Puru closes her eyes. He then kills Ambhi Raj.

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