Porus 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivdutt Throws Anusuya in Brothel

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Chanakya gets ready to meet Alexander. Puru asks why he is going himself instead of sending a compromise message to Alexander. Chanakya says sometimes they have to see things themselves to know the situation. Puru says he did not understand. Chanakya says he heard Puru challenged Darius that he will not let Darius take even a feather from his country. Puru nods yes. Chanakya drops feather and it flies away. Chanakya asks why it flew. Puru says wind is on opposite side. Chanakya asks if wind will flow in same direction always. Puru says no, direction will change. Chanakya says he wants to explain that nothing is constant and leaves in chariot. Puru picks feather and looks at Chanakya.

Malay consoles Anusuya not to worry, Puru will come to rescue her. Shivdutt enters and orders soldiers to

take Malay away. He lies Anusuya that Bamni is dead. Anusuya says he is lying, Bamni is not that weak. He says one who loses hope, loses life also. He holds her hand and says he will show her right place today and drags her to brother where pr*stitute dance and entertain customers and stop seeing him. He orders to continue entertaining customers, they got one more pr*stitute in Anusuya now. Malay picks knife and running towards Shivdutt pushes him and warns to dare not to touch Anusuya, Puru told he has to face toughest situations like Malay mountain, Anusuya’s second son is still alive and will protect her. He pushes Shivdutt again.

Anusuya confronts Shivdutt and says he is so shameless to bring a small kid here and scolds spectators these are the men who are shamelessly watching evil. Soldier attacks Anusuya. Malay kills him and says until he is there, nobody can harm queen. Shivdutt catches Malay. Anusuya warns to do harm her, but dare not to touch kid. She takes knife from Malay and says he is so small to hold knife, let us play hide and seek, he should go and hide. Malay says if he goes away, Shivdutt will trouble her. She hugs him and asks to obey her and hide until she calls him. Malay promises and leaves. Shivdutt says if her drama is over, let him show her place. He orders soldiers to tie her hands. pr*stitutes try to leave. He warns them to dare not go or bend their head, else they will lose their life, they should watch Anusuya losing her respect.

Precap: Shivdutt throws wine on Anusuya insults her. Anusuya warns to count his days till her son returns. Puru thinks Alexander cannot dare to enter his country.

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  1. They are just wasting episodes on this track of shivdutt….. instead of this, writer should show more scenes of others such as alaxender, porus, chanakya, ambhi,hasti ,bamni, lachi…

  2. Wasted one whole episode on the stupidity of Shivdutt. . The first 3 minutes of Puru and Chanakya ji was good. Please if you haven’t watched the episode just watch the first 3 to 4 minutes.

  3. Yvonne Codner

    KMT…Shivdutt is really getting on my last nerve…I do hope that he can withstand Puru’s tornado when it arrives. I have not watched the episode as yet, but just reading the update has made me feel disgusted with Shivdutt’s behavior.

  4. Thank you MA for the update

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