Porus 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni’s Oath!

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Puru with Laachi and Anusuya heads boat towards Dusyu Pradesh. He consoles Anusuya.. Voiceover says blood relations attract each other, Puru does not know that Anusuya is h is mother and he is roots are engraved in Macedonia. On the other side, king Philip explains his war strategy to Alexander and Aredius. Aredius gives his opinion and backs Philip’s idea. Alexander gives his opinion in an opposite way and says they should finish their enemy’s biggest strength first by attacking the middle army instead of attacking from back or front. Aredius says he is opposing king’s decision evenafter king that king has fought and won many wars. Alexander says king is seeking opinion as he is confused a bit. Philip says now he realized Alexander did not win war against king Thesis just like that, he says they will follow Alexander’s plan and asks them to rest now. Alexander sharpens his knife outside and warns Aredius to not come between his way as he finishes whoever comes in between. Aredius says he is not the one who would back off. Philip walks in and warns them to stop fighting as he does not want to lose war because of them.

Anusuya remembers Shivdutt trying to kill her child and shouts he will kill her child. Puru asks who will. She says he..Shivdutt.. Puru says she is safe with him and need not worry. She asks who are her parents, how does her mother look like, if he looks like her father. Puru stands sadly.

In Pourav rastra raj sabha, Bamni walks towards his royal seat while Darius, Shivdutt, Kanishk, and others look at him. He reminisces Puru trashing Kanishk and his team royally, spoiling Darius’ felicitation ceremony, Darius insulting that without his permission, even a bird cannot fly in Faras, if this insult had happened in Faras to his guest, he would have cut enemy into pieces. He stands on stage and says king is respected more than god and he gets credit for the win of his arm and should also be blamed for the insult of his county, he will not sit on king’s chair until he catches dasyu and punishes him.

Precap: Bamni asks Shivdutt to find out who was the woman related to dasyu Puru. Laachi says Puru that outsiders are not allowed in Dasyu lok, what will he tell dasyus about Anusuya.

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